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 As always when I get a little bored I hit my poor computer and inflict my wallpapers on you lot :P   I'm also a huge Hakkai x Gojyo fan so be warned!
All Images used can be found in their original format somewhere in these galleries!

 Saiyuki Colour

 # Evil Ice-Lolly Bunnies

# Dreamy Summer Days

# Love Being Bad

# Day Off

# Join Us?

# Inseparably

# Support

# Patterings - Hakkai/Gojyo

# Pattering - Sanzo

# Pattering - Goku

# Pattering - Gojyo

# Pattering - Hakkai

Lay me down - Hakkai

Soft Evenings

Sanzo Dreaming

Just Good Friends

Saiyuki - Photo Shoot

Day at the Beach 

Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach 

People in Glass Houses

Saiyuki x Goku - Colour

Gojyo x Hakkai - Colour

Gojyo x Hakkai - Colour - Anime

Eyes of the Beholder

Eyes of the Beholder 2

Behind the Smile - 1

Behind the Smile - 2
 Saiyuki Black & White

Gojyo x Hakkai - Black on White

Saiyuki x Goku - Black on White

Feathers 4 you - Hakkai / Gojyo

Feather 4 all

Trust - Sanzo x Goku

Trust - Hakkai x Gojyo

Feather 4 you - Sanzo / Goku

Kou & Dou

Together Forever - Hakkai x Gojyo

Together Forever - Gojyo x Sanzo

Together Forever - Goku x Hakkai

Together Forever - Sanzo x Goku
Together Forever - Hakkai x Sanzo

Together Forever - Goku x Gojyo
 Saiyuki Gaiden

 # Moment of Peace NEW

 # Butterfly Gaiden NEW

# The Day Off  NEW

Lend a Hand? NEW

Silver Cloud 1

Silver Cloud 2


Tenpo x Kenren - Black on White
Not Today...! 

Maybe Tomorrow...?

- Series

In Wood
 Wild Adapter / Araiso Wallpapers


Stained 1

Stained 2

Sweet Dreams - Kubota

Caught in the Act 1 - Bunny Love

Caught in the Act 2 - Bunny Love

Photo Wall

Mirror of Faith - Wild Adapter

Death of the Year

Purple Platonic

Tiger Tamed

Shadow of the Future

Kubota x Tokitou - Black on White
 Misc Minekura Wallpapers

# The Dreaming Birds

Good Morning

Not Just for Xmas
Guest Wallpapers
Saiyuki Wallpapers
By Kimberly Roskos

These are 5 great wallpapers, and have to say the Gojyo one below is rather neet! tehe
Hope there's more to come ^_^

More Papers By Kimberly Roskos

8 more little stunners, all cleaned up and ready to go *Purrs* I love the Hakkai & Gojyo one! tehe
Totally stunning and well worth all them late night to make them ^_^


I dont know much else about the person who sent me thing... hopefully they will get back to me soon... so enjoy ^_^


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