Screen captures from the anime



Them Saiyuki boys on film!


  Reload Ending
Gunlock Endings
I'm not one for screen caps on the most part and these were done before the release of the last two artbooks of 'Salty Dog III & IV'... and also cos I thought Hazel looked sexy *grin*, so enjoy ^_^

Umm... No they aren't crap!   Maybe you need to clean your monitor? no really!
Well what can I say, my first DVD screen capping... I did my best *wanders off to cry*


On with the Pictures ^_^

Saiyuki Reload Ending 2
Well... not much I can say really..
Apart from, No I wont do anymore :P
Humm... are you impressed by the lack of text over these images or WHAT! eh he
and the one at the end for you Kogaji fans out there :P

Saiyuki Reload Gunlock   

Beginning 1
These are from the beginning
Begging 1
Aren't these just SO pretty!
Ending 1 
I couldn't get hold of the Goku one >_< it flicked through WAY to fast
and the last one is a coble together :P
Ending 2
Sorry about the Goku one, the text never faded for him *sigh* an't the others just so luch though!  
Ending 2
I think this first Sanzo one is the one everyone's been after for ages,
And the other 2, is it me or do they look like 2 certain Wild Adapter images? hummm ^_^


And just for my own fancy, and just cause I could... Hazel, the bad guy from Reload the manga *purrrsss* I dont know what it is about the charismatic good/bad guy, but he ticks my clock! hoo ya, prolly the blue eye's white hair and lovely speaking voice and impeccable manners... well when he's not being evil or going all Tetsuo (Fans of Akira will get that one ^_~)
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