Fan Art

Weee this is great, my little fan art gallery is getting bigger! please send me your fanart!... hell if someone wants to send me Hakkai/Gojyo fantiction to that might spark off another page *wink, hint hint*


Gojyo! 5min sketch by Bane Huntress

I doodal at work, and this was just something I was doing while waiting for things to save or load, then I found my red pen!... in the end it just looked like Gojyo, so I stuck antennas on it ^_^... so I guess it's what Gojyo would look like with demon ears... eh he well it is just a 5 min sketch ^_^
Also, the numbers and date were just my counter on the main page with the date, wanted to see how many ppl visited my Saiyuki site that day :P

Submitting Fanart? 
If you want to submit fanart then please do so ^_^, no more than 4 pieces please.
And if you can put a little 'Artist Statement:' in your e-mail, that would be exhalent!
e-mail submissions to

Fanart by - Zan

These little things are by Zan, I love the sketches! and she assures me she had lots of fun doing um ^_^


Fanart by - Kaz Chew

Artist Statement: "This pic was drawn and painted by me. I use adobe photoshop to colour it. ^_^ I hope you like it... It's Hakkai"

Thanks Kaz Chew, this is fantastic ^_^, The other 2 are new, Sanzo and Kubota, fantastic! tehe



Fanart by - Ambrosia/Goku

Tehe, Hakkai and Gojyo just the way I like um! Love this!
Goku and friends also Cosplay our favourite guys, here is a photo of the gallant Cosplayers. fantastic!

Fanart by - das_Diddy

Wild Adapter fanart, just wonderful ^_^, the 1st one say's something like "smokers die earlier"
Hopefully there should be some Saiyuki soon ^_^



Fanart by - Julia Joshi

The lovely Saiyuki boys *grins* I have to say soon as I saw the sanzo one I almost drooled! soooo nice!
The coloured one of Kougaji also comes in Black and White, click here to see it! the colour was done with photoshop, I know it took Julia a while to do, but it's well worth the headache! ^_^


Fanart by - Leafie

Artist Statement: The first one is of Ni Jienyi, the dodgy doctor that he is...the second one is a redrawing of my favourite piccie of Dokugakuji and Kougaiji (phew!), and the third is my absolute favourite -- Hakkai, all sweet and innocent...^__^ 


Fanart by - Desicration_Dragon

Seiten Taisie
This is a great little sketch! and I'm always a sucker for wings! tehe, enjoy! I sure did ^_^ thanks!

Fanart by - Cherise

Artist Statement: Jedi Saiyuki:I created these pics in Poser and my favourite one is Sanzo.

OMG! I love these!!! Gojyo... *drools* Thank you so much!

New submission of Tit and Stork from Stigma ^_^

Fanart by - Saito

Artist Statement: lately I smoke too much... And, damn, it's Marlboro red!

Love this fanart! I even like the 1st one ^_^ thank you for sharing Saito!


Fanart by - Suri Smith

Loved these two! Thank you so much for sharing! ^_^

Fanart by - Cadenciel Wolf Shinigam

Love the 2nd one! tehe and the chibis are uba cute!! thank you so much for sending ^_^

Fanart by - Sarubaby / Goku-OTU

I's not a Sanzo/Goku fan... but OMG, just stunning! love the colour work and styling! go go do some Hakkai/Gojyo! tehe, still bloody good work!
See more of this Lovely Art!!! GO GO

Artist's statements: a few pieces of Goku and SanzoxGoku fanart. drawn with watercolors and digitally with SAI. :3

Fanart by - Waifine

Totally original fan arty by Waifine! Thanks for sharing ^_^   -   -   Disclaimer