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This is for all those questions you have about any of Minekura's works, including Saiyuki.

These are mostly a collection of questions I get from people e-mailing, so if you have a question just e-mail me ^_^

Questions: Answers:
Where can I buy Saiyuki, Wild Adapter, and any other Minekura Manga, Art Books   I think the only place left now is Amazon, or maybe ebay if your lucky >_<
Can I take any image in this Minekura site and use it for wallpapers, Icons, Site graphics or my own gallery?   I keep getting asked this and the answer is YES!... I don't own them, I just ask for a link somewhere on your site ^_^...
For more info please read my Disclaimer below.
Do you know where to find pictures of Minekura her original self?   I have never seen any, most artists don't like their pictures being taken, so the only images I've ever seen as the chibbies she does of herself in manga's and Artbooks.
What order do the Saiyuki Manga's run in?   1) Saiyuki (or just Gensomaden Saiyuki) - 9 Volumes - series complete - Story foundations.
2) Saiyuki Reload - 10 Vols - Series Complete - Continuing the Gensomaden Saiyuki Storyline.
3) Saiyuki Reload Blast - (not complete, the last series of Saiyuki)

Saiyuki Gaiden - 4 Vol - Complete - Set 500 years before the main story.
) Saiyuki Ibun - Not Complete - Set about 30/40 years before the 1st Saiyuki story.
    For more information go to my Manga Reviews page: HERE
Difference Between 'Gensomaden Saiyuki' & 'Saiyuki Reload'?   Easy, in Reload they all hit the shops for new clothes after the bloodstains wouldn't wash out of their old stuff :P
Gojyo acquires a naff looking Brown leather Jacket 8 sizes to big with matching bandana, normal looking tight fitting black jeans *hurraaa!* and normal boots.
Hakkai has a new shirt (looks exactly like the last one) with short loose sleeves that he no longer tucks into his pants, a V cool look *drools*
Goku lost the idea of 'new' and is wearing jagged cut off blue jeans with Gojyo's ex-boots.
Sanzo... Well Sanzo's still wearing his robes that still rank as No1 in the priest's guide to high fashion.
Does the Saiyuki Anime follow the Manga?   The anime (Season 1 - Eps 1 - 26) Follows the manga to the letter until Volume 6 where the manga and anime split ways never to meet again. Season 2 of the anime does not have a manga counterpart for the main body of the story, Though Saiyuki Gaiden is infused in this anime.
The only Anime that follows the Manga closely is Burial and Gaiden OVA's
Do you know where to get Saiyuki Video clip samples, screensavers & Other downloads?   Yup... YOUTUBE! ^_^
(This question was asked before the likes of Youtube and other video sites existed :P)
Why don't you have Video clips, MP3, Scanlation's or other downloads on your site?   I now do host downloads, please go visit my Downloads page ^_^
There are pictures of the Saiyuki boys in modern clothing, are these a different manga?   No - They are images from Art Books, or promo's. They are nothing more than the artists fancy.
Though saying that, 'Saiyuki Reload' they do have a slight change of clothes. They also show some of these images in the anime end sequence.
English Manga Translation, is it any good?   So far so good, the translation by Tokyopop is faultless as far as I can tell ^_^
English Anime Translation, is it any good?   No, it's terrible the voice over suck, and the translation is better on the Japanese subbed versions. They also skip over most of the homoerotic connotations like a bulldozing homophobes >_<
Was Kanan & Hakkai Lovers or Siblings?   Both - yup, they were separated at birth (dont know why) and ended up in separate orphanages, they found each other and became lovers. All this is explained in the anime mostly, and some in the manga.
   Wild Adapter & Araiso
Difference Between 'Wild Adapter' & 'Araiso'? Now, Wild and Araiso may have the same chara Kubota (the guy with the specs) and Tokito (The guy with the glove)... You could think of is as WA is what they do out of School and Araiso is what they do when they actual go...
The rumour is that Wild was started before Araiso, but Araiso was released first and Wild later. I have no idea if this is true or not, so if someone could set me straight that would be great!
My gallery page is HERE for this title.
Araiso the Anime, why are they always so mean to Fujiwara, I've never seen the Manga... Araiso takes place after the first two Manga, when relationships have all been set. Fujiwara was original part of a plot to being down Matsumoto Kaicho (The main head guy of the Student Committee) that Kubota had to sort out. For this the rest all loathed him for being such a creep, in every respect. So on being demoted from his higher position, joined our band so he could drool over Kubota...
Is there a Wild Adapter Anime?   No... There is a Wild Adapter Music Video on the Araiso double DVD, it's very good, but as of yet I've heard nothing of there being a full anime of it >_<
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