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I'm only really posting text links here... why? cause I'm lazy... This is to some of the best site's I could find... apart from the one your on which is the best obviously ^_~

Links are not to site names! to content only.
My Comp doesn't go online, I saved these in a text file and forgot the cite names... oops and sorry to anyone who finds their site's linked here!

Official sites:
This site was the official Minekura site, but it's gone :S
Saiyuki Burial OVA Official Website for this anime series!
TokyoPop - Publishers Ok... now we have Saiyuki in English how a about pestering these guys for Araiso? or better yet Wild Adapter... tell um we want the manga!!!!.
Scanlations, Translations & Anime Sites:
SCANLATIONS! Wild Adapter, Araiso & HONEY COMB!
Also other little interesting scans!
Gaiden Scanlations Manga Fox, Saiyuki Gaiden scans.
Saiyuki Dojins Otaku Pink LJ, They have some Saiyuki Dojins, along with Gaiden :P
Saiyuki Anime Downloads --> Suiyuki 1 & 2 - Saiyuki Reload - Saiyuki Gunlock - Saiyuki Burial
All links to AnimePlus!
BUS Gamer Anime Downloads Again hosted by AnimePlus!
Journals & Info Sites:
Saiyuki Media Rather neat site, lots of new info and other sparkly stuff ^_^
Information for Saiyuki Journey to the West - info just about everything Saiyuki related! if there is anything you need to know and don't find it here this is your next stop!
Saiyuki stuff This is an Italian site
Gensomaden Saiyuki This sits hasnt been updated in some time. A great Saiyuki site with FanFiction! tones of cool stuff!
Saiyuki.com I still hate this site... but would LOVE the domain name /sigh, shame the site is still crap and full of adds >_<
Saiyuki Reload screencap gallery Let me go - is a huge screen cap gallery, with high ress images!
Araiso Anime Scans Tones, and I mean TONES of Araiso Anime scans! all high quality and huge! wonderfull!
Fanfiction Sites:
A Saiyuki Fanfic Archive Echoes from the Saiyuki :: Weee, and it's stuffed full of Hakkai/Gojyo fanfiction!!! weeee
Fanfiction Archive Echoes from the West : I with there were more search options, and clearer chara/chara details... but hell, better than nothing ^_^
Fanfiction by QueenYokozuna Saiyuki yaoi fanfiction by QueenYokozuna
Misc Fan sites:
Send a Crain to Minekura! one thousand paper cranes for Minekura Kazuya, an international fan project
This is a great project, just wander along and see how you can send your support to Minekura!
BishonenWorks Fan Art for many titles, you have to find the Saiyuki section yourself, the adult contend leaves little, if nothing to the imagination O_O
Winamp Skins This site has Winamp skins for a lot of Minekura's works!!!! Saiyuki, WA, BUS Gamer & some Honeycomb and misc skins! so GOOD!
Saiyuki -v- Weiss Kreuz This is just an old site page that lost it's relevance some years ago ^_^

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