Disclaimer & Image Info 

OK... I know how much most of you love this site and thank you... this is for those that have a problem with it somewhere along the lines ^_^


Saiyuki Image Disclaimer
All images on this site are drawn and created by Kazuya Minekura... And who ever owns the original publishing rights... e-ENIX - Chara Comics - RC comics - Stencil comics and all those names I couldn't understand...
I may own the manga's and art books, but I do not own or lay claim to any images on this site...
I make no money from hosting this site.

Image Info
Any of these images are free for anyone to take, for backgrounds, Site graphics, hell even your own gallery... My only payment... a link please?

Watermarked images
I have watermarked images that I have scanned, the marks are easy enough to get rid of with any good image program... 
If anyone would like the marked images without my watermarks then e-mail me and I'll send you the original ^_^

Images that aren't mine
Before I had money or the images I could scan, I took them from others sites, I do not apologise for this, nor ever made a secret of it. I try to give links were it's appropriate (or du), but otherwise if you find your images here, please e-mail me and I'll give your site a link (I do not give credit if your images weren't watermarked in the first place, sorrreee :P)


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