What can I say... 
This is a bitter sweet tail...

It's based in a world where the sky has been turned grey by a war a generation ago, and all the birds (and I assume animals) have died out.
Stork (The guy with the specks and green coat) has no memory about his life before he woke up on a garbage heap... Though he has no qualms about killing, he wanders from place to place with no name... Until one day a kid literally falls into his lap... The kid is called Tit (as in Blue bird) and is on the hunt for blue sky and birds that fly in it. He's an orphan after his mother and Grandfather died (how, I have no idea). He gives Stork his name and the end up travelling together to find the blue sky...

This story is basically about a man who thought he had no soul or reason and finding warmth and love of innocence... There is nothing soppy about the dialogue, it's doesn't smooth over the real life feel with flowers and potpourri but neither does it play the 'apocalypse now' card...
If you don't have a sad tear in your eye and a happy smile on your lips then there is something wrong with you!

I also have to admit I'm a real sap when it comes to Guy's looking after kids, so this tail had me squealing with happy joy to know there wasn't anything that was going to have me hitting 'delete'... if ya want ya cockles warming then just coo over this story ^_~

Kudos to this Manga!
To own this book is like owning a small Art book in and of it's self! If you love Minekura's work then this is a must! Every panel is hand coloured and must have taken an age to do!
It's great, I love it, Enough said... :P

Want to Read this yourself?

Well look no further! I finally got off my ass and am now offering the manga for Download, Just go to the Saiyuki Downloads ^_^

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