BUS Gamer

The Manga, now the Anime

These three boys finally got their OVA!



BUS Gamer 'AAA'

BUS Gamer seemed to have takes off again with the release of the OVA, and well done, because I actually like the anime :P where as I just loved the artwork... So finally I've given them their own gallery, I thought it was about time ^_^

Manga Review Here

BUS Gamer - the Anime
DL it here (for a small fee - I couldn't find it for free >_<)


On with the Pictures ^_^



The 1st image is the original cover printed in 2001

The others are the Tokyopop English version and the newer version (far right)

New Images

These are new images done mostly for the release of the Anime OVA

I Think these were done about the time the manga volumes was first released.
Strange Ones

These I think are more for publicity.

Early Ones

These are early images done around about the time the manga was 1st being published

Black & White

Just some B&W ones I had ^_^


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