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The Sanzo Party
Genjo Sanzo
aka: Kouryou


Human Full Title: Genjo Sanzo of China, 31st Successor of the Saiten and Maten sutra. (aka: Tripitaka)
He's was made a Sanzo at the age of 13.
Weapons: Spirit Gun, Paper Fan, The Maten Sutra
He still carries the Maten Sutra (The Saiten Sutra is also his, but was stolen, it's at Houtou Castle)
He has the crimson Chakra of a Sanzo on his forehead.
He also smokes Marlboro Red.
From Ukoku Sanzo: Genjo's real farther was called Lin Tokou, 51. Mother Kouran, 17.

For more information & Images, go to Genjo Sanzo's Gallery page.

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast
aka: Kouryuu the River Rat
Human This was Genjo Sanzo's name as a child, given to him by Koumyou Sanzo when he fished him out of the Yangtze river as a baby.
He lived in Kinzen Temple at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
Son Goku Youkai
Weapon: Nyoi-Bo, a staff he can call at will, he found in a sealed Jar.
Youkai Power Limiter - Golden Diadem
Bourn on Mountain Kaka 500 years ago from heaven and earth.
He was imprisoned at Mountain Gogyou for 500 years for crimes he committed in heaven and Kanzeon Bosatsu mercifully wiped his memory, all he remembers is his name.
His name, Son Goku was given to him by Konzen Doji.
Genjo Sanzo eventually finds him and releases him, then they live together at Keiun Temple before going on their journey west.
For more information & Images, go to Son Goku's Gallery Page.
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast
Saiyuki Gaiden
Seiten Taisei Son Goku Youkai Title: Seiten Taisei Son Goku, The Sage equal to heaven, the Monkey King, The Heretical Child

He's not a human or a Youkai, but less that a god, born from the earth, made into legend, sung as a symbol of chaos, his soul is gifted with divine level power. He holds the power of both Youkai and god.

Sha Gojyo
(Half Breed)
Half Youkai & Half Human.

Child of Taboo

Weapon: Shakugentsujou, Sickle and chain staff that he got from a sealed jar.
Sha Gojyo's farther was a Youkai, [We dont know what happened to his human mother] he grew up with his half brother Dokugaku (aka: Sha Jien) and Jien's Youkai mother who gave him the scare on his cheek and tried to kill him.
Being a half cast is considered a sin, a Taboo Child, and gives him his red hair and eyes. He doesn't wear a Youkai limiter
He smokes Hi-Lite cigarettes.

For more information & Images, go to Sha Gojyo's Gallery Page.

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast
Sha Gojyo
(Full Youkai form?)
  A Tantalising promise of Gojyo's true demon form in Saiyuki Reload Blast!
(It's waiting to see Hakkai all over again!)

This is all we have so far, a fleeting glimpse at the mark on the back of his neck.

Cho Hakkai
(Human Form)
Youkai Formerly Cho Gono, Once human, after killing 1000 Yokai he became a Youkai.
To keep his Youkai side oppressed he wears three Youkai Power limiters on his left ear.
He also has a monocle on his left eye, which is a prosthetic because he pulled his own eye out.
He's also the owner of Hakuriu, [We don't know how he found him]

For more information & Images, go to Cho Hakkai's Gallery Page.

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast
Cho Hakkai
(Youkai Form)
Youkai In his Youkai form Hakkai gets vine Youkai marks all over his body that he can shoot out along surfaces to capture and manipulate his targets. His left eye turns gold
side note: it took us fans about 10 years to actually see Hakkai's true Youkai form, so we all went a bit nuts ^_^ sexy!! almost worth the wait!
1st time we see Hakkai as a Youkai is Saiyuki Vol 7 Chapter 39 Fighting a monster in the Gourd he and Goku got trapped in.
Cho Gonou
aka: Cho Hakkai
Human He grew up in a Christian orphanage. He found his older sister Kanan when they were grown, they became lovers, then he killed half a human village then the whole Hyakugan Maoh (Woman hunter Tribe) Youkai clan that took her. He was turned into a Youkai by Chin Yisou who spilled his blood on him, being the 1000 Youkai's blood. He them spend time with Gojyo (who saved him) When Genjo found him, he gave himself up and Cho Gonou Died to become Cho Hakkai.
Hakuriu - Jippu - Jeep Dragon Hakuriu is a little white dragon that usually sits on Hakkai's shoulders.
We don't know where Hakuriu came from, he just kinda turns up between the two years where Gonou becomes Hakkai and the time they all leave for the east.
When he's not being a cute little dragon, he's a Jeep.

[I'm almost sure Hakuriu is/was Gojun]

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast
Jippu - Jeep - Hakuriu A Jeep This is Hakuriu as a Jeep, and the main mode of transport (other than their feet) for the Sanzo Party.
This is about the only vehicle that appears in the manga, everyone else uses horses or flying dragons.

Gaiden Boys

Konzen Doji
os: Konzen Douji
God He lives in Heaven, (500 years before the original Saiyuki Story starts)
Golden Child, The Nephew of Kanzeon Bosatsu
He's a glorified file clerk in heaven and is friends with Tenpo Gensui.
Bosatsu was the one to foist Goku off on him when Goku was bought to Heaven, he was also the one to name Son Goku after he pestered for a name, he kept calling Goku a 'little monkey' (Chibi Zaru)
After he died in heaven, he is eventually reincarnated as Genjo Sanzo.

For more information & Images, go to my Saiyuki Gaiden page.

Saiyuki (Mentioned)
Saiyuki Gaiden
Kenren Taisho
(General Kenren)
God He's a General in the Heavenly army. He becomes friends with Tenpo Gensui [Hinted at maybe more ^_~]
He befriends Goku then Konzen Doji.
He's got black hair and red eyes (He's not a Taboo Child in Heaven)
[In the Saiyuki Anime they give him red hair and eyes, they get it right in the Gaiden Anime!]

After he died in heaven, he is eventually reincarnated as Sha Gojyo.

For more information & Images, go to my Saiyuki Gaiden page.

Saiyuki (Mentioned)
Saiyuki Gaiden
Tenpo Gensui
(Field Marshal Tenpo)
aka: Ten-Chan
God An old friend of Konzen, he makes Goku call him Ten-chan. He also seems rather close to Kenren [^_~]
He's part of the West Army, Gensui is actually more of a rank than a name in the army, translated as Field Marshal and is one of the highest ranks. He's well liked by his men.
His main pastime is readying and looks more like a scholar than a military man, his office is usually a mess and he gets in Kenren mostly to help him tidy.

For more information & Images, go to my Saiyuki Gaiden page.

Saiyuki (Mentioned)
Saiyuki Gaiden

Youkai - At Houtou Castle in India

aka: Prince Kougaiji
Youkai The son of Gyumaoh and Rasetsunyo, Older half brother of Lirin,
He's the main Bad guy through the Saiyuki story, but he's actually a good guy. All he wants to do is free his mother.
He's well loved by just about everyone and he's got a big heart.
He's not interested in the Sutra's but does Gyukumen's bidding to free his mother, but even then he's got doubts.
His main followers are Dokugaku and Yaoni, with his little sister Lirin tagging along.
Weapon: He uses encantations to call forth monsters to fight for him.
For more information & Images, go to my Other Saiyuki Guys Gallery.
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast
Youkai Gojyo's older half brother. Used to be known as Sha Jien
Follower of Kougaiji. He turned up at Houtou Castle in a sorry state where he pledged his loyalty to Kougaiji.
Probably started follows Kougaiji because he looks so much like Gojyo.
Weapon: He calls forth a sword from his hand.

He keeps loses the mark over his nose in Blast.


Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast
Sha Jien
Youkai Gojyo's older half brother.
Left Gojyo after killing his own mother to protect his little brother.
His mother went insane after her beloved husband disappeared and left her with his taboo child. Jien had sex with his mother to calm her down and to keep her from hurting Gojyo.
He killed his mother when she was about to kill Gojyo, then ran away, eventually to join Kougaiji
os: Yaony
Youkai Follower of Kougaiji, She's the groups Alchemist. She was to be given to Hyakugan Maoh (The Centipede Youkai King) but Kougaiji saw her and took her form his own, to save her from certain death.
He's the healer and main babysitter of Lirin.
Weapons: she uses poisons and explosives.
Saiyuki Reload
Lady Lirin Youkai Lirin is the daughter of Goyokumen Koushu and Gyumaoh, half sister of Kougaiji. She's a plucky little thing and loves her brother.
Her mother tries to use her in her experiments to free Gyumaoh, but is saved by her big brother.
She's a lot like Goku and is always running off.
Saiyuki Reload
Gyokumen Koushu Youkai Lirin's mother, She's trying to resurrect her lover, Gyumaoh and she doesn't care how she goes about it, causing the minus wave that sends all Youkais mad.
She doesn't have any compassion, even for her own daughter.
She is the one who has Kougaiji going after scriptures, saying she will free his mother if he compiles.
She also sleeps with Ni Jyeni.
Saiyuki Reload
Gyumaoh - The Ox God Youkai Gyumaoh was sealed away by Nataku over 500 years ago in a bloody battle.
He is Kougaiji and Lirin's farther, and Resetsunyo's husband.
Gyokumen is trying to resurrect him, causing the Minus Wave.
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Gaiden
Rasetsunyo Youkai Mother of Kougaiji, True wife of Gyumaoh, she's trapped by wards.

[I think she was trapped when Nataku sealed Gyumaoh away 500 years ago]

Saiyuki Reload
Ni Jyeni
Nii-Tan (calls himself)
aka: Ukoku Sanzo
aka: Ken'Yuu
Human The human scientist who is help Gyokumen Koushu to release Gyumaoh from his cage using science and the five Tenchi Kaigen scripture which is causing the Minus Wave. [I suspect he has his own agenda for this]
He has a fetish for bunny rabbits, and comes across as a little slimy. He also has sex with Gyokumen.

For more of this guys story you also need to visit Ken'Yuu and Ukoku Sanzo.

Saiyuki Reload
Doctor Huang
os: Professor Hwan
Youkai The Female scientist in Houtou castle trying to resurrect Gyumaoh, she works with Instructor Wang and Ni Jyeni (who she hates)

Not much else is know about her.

Saiyuki Reload
Instructor Wang
aka: Old Man Wang
Youkai He's one of the scientists in Houtou castle trying to resurrect Gyumaoh, he works with Doctor Huang and Ni Jyeni.

Not much more is known about him.

Saiyuki Reload

GODS in Heaven

Sanbutsushin Gods The Three Aspects of Buddha - At Chang'an temple.
They are the ones who send the Sanzo party on their journey west.
They gave him a credit card, and is how the Sanzo Party pays for everything.
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki BLAST
Kanzeon Bosatsu
aka: Kannon
God The God/Godess of Mercy, Bosatsu is a hermaphrodite, She originally influences the Sanzo party to make their journey west and she watches over the boys.
Her loyal (long suffering) servant is Jiroushin.
Konzen Doji is her/his nephew, Kannon also makes him look after Goku when he was first brought to heaven.
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki BLAST
Saiyuki Gaiden
Jiroushin God He is Bosatsu's long suffering servant. Saiyuki
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki BLAST
Saiyuki Gaiden
aka: War Prince Nataku
aka: Crown Prince Nataku
God / Doll Nataku is a War God, and the only person in heaven allowed to kill, (because of his golden eyes).
He befriended Goku in heaven 500 years ago, before injuring himself so he wouldn't kill Goku, and has been comatose ever since. (until Saiyuki Reload Blast)
He's body is like a jointed doll.
His farther/maker is Li Touten.
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki BLAST
Saiyuki Gaiden
Li Touten God Nataku's farther/creator.
Has designs on being the emperor of heaven through his son, Nataku, whom he controls.
He manages to piss about everyone off in heaven (the good guys anyhow).
Goku ends up blinding him in one eye.
Saiyuki Gaiden
Jade Emperor God The Jade Emperor of heaven

[That's about all I know]

Saiyuki Gaiden
aka: West Dragon King
os: Goujun
God / Dragon The West Dragon King, One of the elite soldiers of the god fighting family.
He has white skin and red eyes, he also has horns and youkai type ears.
He's not really on anyone's side, but does end up kind-of helping Goku escape from heaven 500 years ago.

[I think he ends up being Hakuriu, how or why is still a mystery]

Saiyuki Gaiden
Egan God? A Traveller (from heaven?) he found Son Goku on Earth and was the one who brought him to heaven. Saiyuki Gaiden
aka: War Prince Homura
God The War Prince Homura. His right eye is golden,
Weapon: Burning sword
[I think this information is from the anime. Former God of War, basted child of the Jade Emperor, his mother was his farther sister.]

Rinrei is the girl he falls in love with, but when they are found out, Rinrei is forced to reincarnate on earth while Homura is imprisoned. he eventually brakes out to find his lover and to take revenge on heaven. trying to destroy both heaven and earth.
His followers are Shien and Zenon

Saiyuki Gaiden(Mentioned)

Saiyuki Season 2*

Shien God Shien is a follower of Homura.
Weapon: A whip
He follows him to Earth, where he has been many times, becoming the deity of a village.
Saiyuki Season 2*
Zenon God Zenon is a follower of Homura.
Weapon: Gun
He fell in love with a human woman and made her his wife (Mirei) they eventually had a son. they were both killed [I'm not sure if they were killed by human, youkai or heaven] so Zenon went with Homura in hopes he could destroy both heaven and hell.
Saiyuki Season 2*
Kamou God The Guardian of the Nataku's (huge monsters controlled by heaven God/Youkai hybrids)
They use the huge hybrids to keep the armies of heaven amused, The monsters were all failures as they tried to make Nataku himself.

Worked with Li Touten to help make Nataku,

Saiyuki Gaiden

Sanzo Priests

Genjo Sanzo
The 31st of China
  For more information For Genjo Sanzo CLICK HERE

Holder of the Maten sutra (Also the Saiten, but it's currently stolen)

Full Title: Genjo Sanzo of China, 31st of China, Successor of the Saiten and Maten sutra. (aka: Tripitaka)
He's was made a Sanzo at the age of 13.

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki BLAST
Koumyou Sanzo
The 30th of China
aka: Houmei
A Sanzo Holder of the Maten Sutra and Seiten Sutra. (It was unheard of for a Sanzo to hold 2 powerful scrolls)
Koumyou Sanzo rescued a baby from the Yangtze river, after hearing a voice calling him, near Kinzen temple He   named the baby Kouryou, eventually naming him his sucsessor and giving him the name Genjo Sanzo.
He was practically Kouryou's farther and his personality has a lot to answer for the Genjo Sanzo we know and love.

[Deceased} Killed by Youkai while defending a thirteen year old Genjo.

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Ibun
Ukoku Sanzo
aka: Ni Jyeni
aka: Ken'Yuu

A Sanzo Ukoku means literally 'The Crow Cries'. Keeper of the Muten Sutra.
He doesn't own a Crimson Chakra meanings he isn't chosen by heaven and is known as the Heretical Sanzo.
He's known for his Buddhist power and academic excellence. He was the youngest Sanzo at age 23 (before Genjo at age 13) after killing Goudai Sanzo in witness of Koumyou Sanzo.
He had Kami-Sama as a disciple from a young age.
Saiyuki Reload
Goudai Sanzo Sama
aka: Toudai
A Sanzo Was the holder of the Muten Sutra

Goudai resided in Zen'ou temple.
When he was Toudai he trained with Houmei and Genkai to become a Sanzo Priest

[Deceased] Dieing, but killed by Ken'Yuu (Ukoku Sanzo)

Saiyuki Reload
(Burial Ark 1)

Saiyuki Ibun

Tenkai Sanzo
aka: Gankai
A Sanzo Holder of the Maten Sutra

This is Genkai from Saiyuki Ibun
He held the Maten Sutra that Koumyou Sanzo ended up inheriting.

[Deceased] We do not know why yet.

Saiyuki Ibun
Sharak Sanzo
The 28th of Arhat
  Holder of the Gouten Sutra

Sharak Sanso resides in an untitled temple fortress in the west (Somewhere in the Himalayas) She's like an older, more scared version of Genjo. She's kick ass and totaly cool so far ^_^
She created a barrier from a bell to keep youkai out of her fortress and the surounding villages, using her scripture to do so.


Saiyuki Blast

Ibun Guys

aka: Koumyou Sanzo
Human This is Koumyou Sanzo before he became a Sanzo

[More once there is more Ibun released!]

know as 'The Monk who keeps having his marks reduced/deducted' while he trained at the Taisouji Temple

Can cast Spells without seals or mantras

Saiyuki Ibun
aka: Goudai Sanzo
Human Houmei calls him ChiChi.

We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple.

Saiyuki Ibun
aka: Tenkai Sanzo
Youkai He's a tiny little guys, people keep calling him a runt. he has the ability to see peoples futures if he touches them.
His parents used him to make money, setting him up to read people with foresight. known as 'The Eyes of Shinigami' 
[I think he ends up being Tenkai Sanzo]
We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple.
Saiyuki Ibun
Instructor Monk   I'm not sure of this guys name yet, but he seams to be Saiyuki Ibun
Seiran   We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple. Saiyuki Ibun
Michataku   We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple. Saiyuki Ibun
os: Jyoan
  Ganouku calls him Ochou-san, (the one with long hair)
We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple.
Saiyuki Ibun
Ganouku   We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple.

[os: Genpuku]

Saiyuki Ibun
Ryuzen   Nickname - Glasses (Megane)

We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple.

Saiyuki Ibun
Gichou   We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple.

Rumoured to have become a monk after his wife an daughter left him.

Saiyuki Ibun
os: Shouun
  We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple. Saiyuki Ibun
Souzin   Used to be a wrestler, also a rugby player also knows basic first aid. They just call him 'Old Man'.
[I'm still not sure about this guys name, the translated images are to bad to make out and I kinda (very badly) translated it as Sosujin, but this could be very wrong :S. from what I can make out from other sources I'm using the translation I found here]

We meet him as he trains at Taisouji Temple.

Saiyuki Ibun
Master Xiang   He is a teaching Master at Taisouji Temple, Houmei ends up pissing him off after singing a song about him being an elephant (his name sake) Saiyuki Ibun

Main Bad Guys - From story arks

Lord Rikudo
aka: Shuei

Possessed / Cursed Human Affected with the Curse of Araya, a forbidden spell.
Rikudo is the name of a possessed corps.
He charmed himself and the curse consumes him and only gives him peace when he kills Youkai. He used the charm when Kinzen temple was attacked by Youkai shortly after young Ganjo Sanzo left to find Koumyou Sanzo's killers, and Shuei was about to die. His twisted revenge against Genjo Sanzo keeps him from being possessed completely, also the beads around his neck that Kouryuu gave him.
He's possessed for 10 years before running into the Sanzo party again.
Chin Yisou Youkai Chin Yisou first appears as a fortune-teller using Mahjong tiles. He then calls fourth Shikagami to kill the Sanzo party.
He placed a cursed majon tile in his own dieing body, after Cho Gonou killed him, so he could seek revenge for his entire clan and family. he was the son of Hyakugan Maoh who kidnapped and raped Kanan.
He called forth a shikagami, a doll, fog, Goku's double and blood worms to try and kill the Sanzo party, all the time torturing Hakkai.
Lian Li Youkai This Youkai lives in a castle under the desert sand. She/He had killed and eaten another Sanzo Priest because it's said the flesh of a Sanzo will make you live forever (like the Mermaid myth) He stabs Genjo with Deadly Scorpion Poison. He's then tortured by Genjo as he looses it a little.
Lian Li also has a scripture somewhere in his castle that he wasn't interested in, it gets buried in the sand when his castle collapses.

[In the manga this is a guy in a dress, but the anime never refers to it's gender /sigh]

Kinkaku Youkai Kinkaku and his twin brother, Ginkaku, were found by Kami sama when their parents disappeared.
He's fooled into thinking a Monster is his brother, and Kami-Sama told him the only way to save his brother is to punish/kill anyone who's bad.
So when Gojyo saves him from muggers, and tells him about his companions, Kinkaku thinks they are bad and tries to kill them with a Gourd, Kami-sama gave him.
Ginkaku Youkai Ginkaku and his twin brother, Kinkaku, were found by Kami sama when their parents disappeared.
On his forehead reads - Righteousness, but it's written upside-down.
Ginkaku finally questioned what Kami-Sama was making them do and tried to convince Kinkaku they should run away, but Kami-Sama heard him and killed him, placing his soul inside the Gourd, where he's trapped.
Ginkaku Beast This is what Kinkaku thinks is his twin brother. Ginkaku, and follows him about and helps to protect him and kill the Bad people. Saiyuki
Kami-Sama Human Kami Sama is one of the Saiyuki Iku's main opponents in the Saiyuki vol's 8 and 9. He's got a child's mentality.
Disciple of Ukoku Sanzo who found him selling himself on the streets as a child after being orphaned during a war. He met Genjo as a child in the company of Ukoku.
He also has no compassion, using two Youkai children to do his fighting for him, Kinkaku and Ginkaku
He loves toys and uses them and his prayer beads to attack the boys. He thinks he is a Sanzo, but has no crimson chakra on his forehead or a Scripture.
He lived in a castle (Temple) that is surrounded by magic, when the boys come to fight him he has a little two headed guide.
Kami can also mean God or Deity

Saiyuki Reload -  Gunlock*

Hazel Grosse
os: Hazel Grouse
Human Hazel is an Exorsist.
The Jewish/Christian priest from the far West who comes to kill Youkais, making friends with Genjo Sanzo, brings people back to life using his talisman that steals Youkais souls.
Referred to as Lord Bishop
Brought up by Bishop Filbert Grosse after his parents were killed.
Called 'Little Angel' by Ukoku Sanso
He has Gat as a follower and protector.
He gets his powers of a Youkai, Vuraharu, who possessed him but is trapped with Hazel's suppressed memories.
Saiyuki Reload

Saiyuki Reload - Gunlock*

Vuraharu Youkai possessing a human Vuraharu is the demon possessing Hazel, and has been since he was a child and he killed Bishop Filbert Grosse, he's also where Hazel get's his powers, and isnt to happy about it.
He suffered great injury when he tried to kill Filbert and was forced to possess Hazel, but Hazel trapped him when he suppressed his memory of the incident.
Hakkai eventually goads Hazel to take back his body and defeat Vuraharu
Gatti Nenehawk
os: Gato
Reanimated Corpse / Human Hazels American Indian side kick, he was brought back to life by Hazel, after Hazel killed him, and now serves him, how ever reluctantly.
He was part of the Tokacha Tribe, who used guns to hunt.
He uses two very large heavy guns as weapons.
Saiyuki Reload

Saiyuki Reload - Gunlock*

Go Dougan Was Human, now Youkai This guys is NOT in the manga, just liked him enough to shove him here ^_^
He grew up in Keiun Temple and wanted to be a disciple of Genjo Sanzo, but Genjo didn't want to know, so he made himself a Youkai by killing 1000 Youkai, dyed his hair red and tried to become as strong as Goku. Shame he failed miserably ^_^... he also made a room full of orange airplanes like Koumyou Sanzo.
Saiyuki Requiem*


Kanan Cho Gonou's Older sister. She grew up in another orphanage, when they met they became lovers, she was given to the Hyakugan Maoh Clan, she was raped by the Youkai king and carried his 'Child of Sin'. When Gonou got to her, she killed herself with his knife in the belly. Saiyuki
High Priest The High Priest of Kinzen Temple.
He recognises Kouryuu as Genjo Sanzo and lets him chose his weapon from an armoury of holy weapons.
aka: Lord Rikudo
A Charm Master at Kinzen temple, he was Kouryou's friend and looked out for him.
Kouryou gave him the Prayer Beads he was found with when he was rescued.

Eventually he turns into the Lord Rikudo

Houmei and her Dad Houmei is the 1st girl they rescue on their journey west, She is the Innkeepers daughter, her friend was killed by a Youkai when they went mad, so she claims to hate Youkai. she soon changes her mind! Saiyuki
Yo The Monk boy the meet in a secluded and reclusive temple that Koumyou Sanzo visited 10 years privies. Saiyuki
(with Jien her Youkai lover)
She's a human who has a Youkai lover called Jien, he ran away when the Minus Wave hit. she now waits for his return, the Sanzo Boys make her smile so she gives them shelter, Gojyo thinks Jien might actually be his brother.
She eventualy runs off to see if one of the Youkai attackers is her lover.
Pan Shunrei's auntie who lives next door Saiyuki
Kid in the Desert This is the human kid who helps the guys find his village in the desert, then finds them and saves them after collapsing in the dessert after being attacked by the desert Youkai, Lian Li.
He doesnt have a name, but thought worth a mention ^_^
Inn Keeper This is the Inn Keeper from the 'Kinkaku and Ginkaku' and 'Kami-Sama' story arks. He doesnt have a name, but he appears in almost 2 volumes, and helps the boys out after getting kicked the crap out of my Kami Sama the 1st and probably 2nd time :P Saiyuki
Seika She thinks the Sanzo boys are Youkai's when they stay in her family's Inn. she eventually get's kidnapped by a Youkai with wings, she trusts Genjo and falls out of the Youkai's arms.
She's the younger sister of Seira.
Saiyuki Reload
Seira The older sister of Seika. She gets taken by a bunch of humans posing as Youkai, who rap and kill young women from her village. she is saved by the boys ^_^ Saiyuki Reload
Three little Kids Hakuriu went to play with these kids one night when he was left out in the rain.
From left to right, big brother, little brother & Yuhua (the middle sister)
Saiyuki Reload
Kon He's stuck in the village at the other side of the river to his own, and cant get back to his Mother and little sister Rin. the Boys help him get over and Goku helps him find his family. Saiyuki Reload
Rin Kon's little sister. Saiyuki Reload
Jinkaku High priest Jinkaku was the high priest of Keiun Temple (in Saiyuki Reload), But was original at Taisouji Temple (Saiyuki Ibun)
He's also the one who talked sense into Genjo and made him actually start wearing his Sutra and become a Sanzo for real after wandering for four years in search of Komyou's killers and his other sutra. he also helped Genjo to stop being dead inside. A great little old guy, but he also got Genjo smoking :P
He also met Koumyou Sanzo and Ukoku Sanzo (Mentioned in Saiyuki Reload, Burial Ark),
When he was younger(ish) he was a trainer at Taisouji Temple, where he watched over Houmei, Toudai and Genkai, helping them to become Sanzo Priests (Saiyuki Ibun). He's also a bit of a letch :P
Saiyuki Reload
(Burial ark)

Saiyuki Ibun

Filbert Grosse (Bishop) A renowned exorcist in the west.
Filbert adopted Hazel and brought him up as his son, he also met Ukoku Sanzo on his travels defeating Monsters.
He was eventualy killed by a monster.
Saiyuki Reload
aka: Ni Jyeni
aka: Ukoku Sanzo
Ken'Yuu was studying at the Zen'ou Temple, where Goudai Sanzo was teaching. He came to the temple 6 months previous. He's extremely intelligent and the other students like him.
He eventually kills Goudai (who's dieing) to claim the Muten Sutra, But he never gets a Red Chakra on his forehead and isnt recognised by buddha as a Sanzo.
Koumyou Sanso gives him his Sanzo name of Ukoku.
Saiyuki Reload
(Burial ark)
Inn Keepers Daughter Her farther get's brought back to life by Hazel's soul charm, but the Sanzo boys have to kill him when he attacks them, so she kinda hates them Saiyuki Reload
Soushin Master Soushin is the leader of a prosperous town that the Youkai don't enter. But he's working with the Youkai, he gives them travellers that enter the town and the Youkai let supplies enter the town unhindered. Saiyuki Reload
Soushin's survent This guys is Master Soushin's servant and knows about what's going on. Saiyuki Reload
Inn Keeper and her Kids She was brought back to life by Hazel after being sick.
This is about the only goodish thing Hazel had done.
Saiyuki Reload
Leader of the Oasis This guys is the human leader of the Oasis in a desert, He keeps the Youkai village over the mountain from the water. He tricks Hazel into killing a Youkai, to make the Youkai attack the Oasis so that the humans can kill them all and burn the Youkai village. Saiyuki Reload
Lin Tokou Supposedly Genjo Sanzo's real farther.
An influential politician figure assigned to Oushouin in Rishuu, the most northern city in Shangri-La, he was 51 when he met Kouran, who was 17. but due to political pressure they couldn't stay together. When Kouran gave birth he also disappeared from Rishuu.
Whereabouts unknown.
Saiyuki Reload
Kouran Supposedly Genjo Sanzo's real mother.
She was the youngest daughter of a tailor when she met Lin Tokou when she was 17. She got pregnant and was forced from her home to the mountains in the north, she gave birth alone, she fell ill and died after giving birth.
Saiyuki Reload
Announcer This is the announcer for the 'Best in the World Fighting Tournament' Saiyuki Reload
Last Years Winner He's the last years winner of the 'Best in the World Fighting Tournament'. Goku lays him out in 5 seconds.
Also his spandex pants leave very little to the imagination 'cough' :P
Saiyuki Reload
Tou-san   Saiyuki Blast
Name-less villager Worth a mention because he is in the plot a lot ^_^ Saiyuki Blast
Tamuro I think he's the innkeepers kid in the 1st village in Saiyuki Reload Blast.
The village he lives in is just west of Shangra-La, it's a village protected by cliffs and a gate bridge
Saiyuki Blast
Rei-nee-san She lives in the same village as Tamura, Her husband was killed by Youkai after he tried to help strangers but the villages left him ouside to save themselves, So Rei-nee went a little insane,
She wanders around singing the villages festival song, that they don't have anymore in fear the Youkai will hear them.
Saiyuki Blast
Hassan Sharak Sanzo's 2nd man.
Once trained for a Sanzo candidate so knows some Buddhist techniques
Saiyuki Blast
Kumari Taruchie She 1st appears in Blast with (the Unnamed Youkai). they seem to be working for an elusive 'master'

She is actually a profit of sorts, as she can see the future. She was chosen for the roll of a 'Kumari' when she was eight. (Though I'm not sure of her actual age)
She lives in the temple Kyokueiden, that is above a chamber where people can have an audience with  Sanbutsushin.

[She has a similar Youkai mark on the side of her face as Genkai... is she some kind of relation?]

Saiyuki Blast


Hyakugan Maoh I dont think this guy is ever actually depicted, but he's the Centerpeed Youkai King, who was going to eat Yaoni and who raped Kanan, I think he's eventually killed by Gonou Saiyuki
Mother to Dokugaku [Sha Jien]
Step Mother to Sha Gojyo
She was a Youkai and mother to Dokugaku, she was forced to look after Gojyo (The illegitimate half breed son of her husband and his mistress)
She went mad, and hated Gojyo and tried to kill him, but Jien killed her to save his little half brother.
Black Widdow Youkai Woman She shows up in chapter 1 and 2 of Gensomaiden Saiyuki and is the first Youkai to mention eating Sanzo's lengthen life. She also the only Youkai to completely change form, into a HUGE spider.
She's part of the Dark Spider Tribe.
Youkai Attackers These are the Youkai that Shunrei thinks the one on the right might be her Lover Jien. Saiyuki
Random Youkai 1 This guys shows up when the Sanzo Iku were passing through a secluded and reclusive temple, he kills a lot of the pacifist monks, he doesn't have a name, but he's working for Kougaiji to kill Sanzo and get his scripture. Saiyuki
Youkai with Wings This was the guy who kidnapped Seika and got beaten up in mid air for his troubles ^_^ Saiyuki Reload
Yakumo Yakumo lived in a cave in a mountain above a village, he looked after a lot of Youkai orphans when their parents went mad. He eventually kills the children when they go mad. eventually he goes mad himself when humans kill all the kids, They end up killing him, then taking the time to burry him.

[I liked this chara, makes me sad every time I read these chapters]

Saiyuki Reload
Zakuro He puts his enemies in a trance then uses hypnosis to make them believe anything he wants them too, to the point they kill themselves.
The first time he attacks Genjo, Gojyo and Hakkai with Dokugaku and Yaoni watching, but he runs away, the 2nd time he makes friends with Goku when he's lost in the woods, unfortunately Genjo's rather mean to him tehe, and he doesn't seem so much of a bad guy!
Saiyuki Reload
Banri Banri is Gojyo's old friend and used to be his housemate before running off when he had a bit of trouble with someone husband. He barges back about 6 months after Hakkai started living with Gojyo, only to lamp Gojyo in a heap of trouble before running away again. but he does make Hakkai stay with Gojyo ^_^

[according to "Saiyuki Reload Graffiti' he was killed by someone just after leaving Gojyo in the lurch (thanks Veronicacode!)]

Saiyuki Reload
(Burial Ark 4)
Doppelganger making Youkai This guy only has a very brief appearance, but he's the one that made the doppelgangers of the Sanzo party. Shame his clones were just a little bit crap. Saiyuki Reload
Unnamed Youkai I have NO idea who he is :S
This guy appears at the end of the Clone/Doppleganger chapter in Reload (Vol2 ch1)...
He says something like 'so you sensed me all along?'...
He appears again in the beginning of Blast with a little girl called Taruche.
I still have no idea who he is.

[He also appears in the little manga called 'Saiyuki Offroad' but it's not been translated, so I'm still not sure who he is, but he seems to be talking to Goku, who he calls 'Master']

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Reload Blast

Saiyuki Offroad

Youkai Kid This Youkai kid sneaks into the local village to steal food. Hazel wants to kill him and take his soul (so he can resurrect a dead human baby) Hazel convinces the kid to give up his life, but Sanzo asks him if he wants to live, and he does... I guess the kid runs off. Saiyuki Reload
Pippi [She actually has no name, Pippi is a fan given name only]

She helps out Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai in her village that's full of Youkai, they are cut off from water by humans.
She also gives Goku his first kiss before going off to fight the humans.
Even though she's in a lot of chapters, she doesn't have a name, [I found a site somewhere call her Pippi, not sure if this is reliable :S]
Assumed dead.

Saiyuki Reload
Pippi's older brother This guys gave Goku his hat, and warns Goku not to mess with his sister [Pippi]. he gets kidnapped by the Humans in the Oasis and killed by Hazel and Gat to force and uprising. Saiyuki Reload
aka: Bird Man
A Youkai who claims to be a vegetarian, he takes care of vultures that used to feed on the bodies of the Villages below the mountain where he lives, it was an ancient practice the villages 'Sky Burial' had to stop when the rest of the Youkai went mad.

He dug up grave to feed to his vultures.
His son (Tenpa) killed his mother, then himself

Saiyuki Reload Blast
Ensui Explosion Artist, Mad Scientist.
This guy is just in a little manga at the back of Volume 5 of Saiyuki. it's a little add for the OVA, he's never mentioned anywhere else as far as I know :S

[Click image to see 2 better images]



Maten Sutra
Weapon of Genjo Sanzo
Maten = owner Genjo Sanzo - Hold power over Youkais (Evil) and Darkness (Yin)

This scripture was only meant to be passed on to a Youkai Sanzo (Ref: Saiyuki Ibun)

One of the five Tenchi Kaigen Scriptures

Genjo Sanso's Spirit Gun
Weapon of Genjo Sanzo
This is Genjo Sanzo's weapon of choice, chosen because it was big enough for him to put a bullet in his own head.
[I cant remember what make and modle this is :S my bad :P]
Weapon of Sha Gojyo
Gojyo's Weapon, is a sickle and chain in a staff. it can be summoned at will, and the chain and sickle can be controlled by the wielders will.
Sealed away in a Jar for being a weapon of Youkaiic power. He broke the jar with Goku when they were cleaning up.
aka: Niyoyi Staff
Goku's Weapon, it's an extending staff he can call at will.
Sealed away in a Jar for being a weapon of Youkaiic power. He broke the jar with Gojyo when they were cleaning up.
Kenren Taisho's Gun A golden gun

Is a tranquilizer gun, but the reference gun was a Remington New Model Army. The body is an aristocratic gold, with a wooden grip. 44-caliber, six shots. Itís a percussion revolver, and while itís quite safe the cylinder exchange is difficult, but it's cool. The barrel is long and quite heavy

Saiyuki Gaiden
Gats Gun's Both guns used by Gat are Colt Bisley. 7 Ĺ inch barrel, 45-caliber with six shots. When fully cocked it can fire all six in a row. Saiyuki Reload
Tenpo Gensui's Sword Tenpo's Japanese samury sword. Saiyuki Gaiden
Paper Fan
Weapon of Genjo Sanzo
This is Genjo Sanzo's 2nd favourite weapon of choice when it comes to Goku and Gojyo! and he wealds it with precision, no one knows where he keeps it, but he always has it to hand :P Saiyuki
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Blast

Random Stuff  & Objects

Goku's Power Limiter Is the Golden Diadem on Goku's forehead.
It's more powerful than a normal limiter and can only be made by god powers.
When he's wearing it he appears human and is lucid. if the Diadem brakes or is taken off he reverts back to being the Seiten Taisei Son Goku where he looses all sense and just wants to kill everything.
Hakkai's Power Limiter These are three silver ear cuffs on Hakkai's left ear.

Where and how Hakkai got these limiters is still a mystery. He is wearing them when Gojyo finds him bleeding on the road.

Sanzo's Glasses Sanzo's Reading Glasses, these usual come out when he's got a paper, but seem to make more of an appearance the older he gets.

He originally had round (John Lennon) glasses. but somewhere along the journey he got some more stylish thin glasses that suite him a lot more ^_^

Crimson Chakra The Crimson Chakra is a sign that you have been chosen by Buddha, or closest to God.

Everyone in Heaven has one. [as far as I can tell ^_^]

On Earth, only Sanzo Priests have one (With exception to Ukoku Sanzo who doesn't.)

Golden Eyes Golden eyes are meant to be bestowed on the only person in heaven that can kill and take lives, usually called the War God/Prince.
The only people in Saiyuki known to have golden eyes are Son Goku, Nataku and Homura (but only 1 of his eyes are gold)
Blood of a thousand Youkai There is a legend that if a human bathing in the blood of a thousand Youkai, they will become a Youkai's themselves.
Cho Gonou (Cho Hakkai) is the only one in the manga to actually prove this true after killing the Youkai clan that kidnapped and raped his sister (Lover)

[Go Dugan also became a Youkai this way, but he only appears in 'Saiyuki Requiem' the anime]

Child of Sin
Taboo Child
A Child of sin is a child born of a Youkai and human, or Magic and science.
They always have red hair and eyes.

Also they are also said to be sterile.

Only Gojyo appears in the manga,
but there is a baby in the Saiyuki Anime and Houran from 'the 'Saiyuki Requiem' Movie

Marlboro Red Genjo Sanzo's brand of cigarettes.

He started smoking after meeting Jinkaku High priest at Keiun temple, and the good guy gave him a packet.

Gojyo's brand of cigarettes.
Genjo doesn't much care for them. [but nicotine's nicotine ^_^]
Ark Royal These are Ark Royal Pipe Flavour. Pipe Tobacco Filter Cigarettes.
These are the cigarettes Tenpo Gensui smokes, and that Kenren Taisho nicks or also smokes, I'm not sure.

[I'd never heard of these before, but managed to get part of the name from the only two images in Saiyuki Gaiden :S... also... ewww, I cant think of a more horrid ciggi :P]

Saiyuki Gaiden
Credit Card This is the credit card of the Three Aspects, that the Sanzo boy's use and abuse for their journey west.  
Tenchi Kaigen scripture Created by Shaka Nyorai
The Tenchi Kaigen Scriptures were said to create the world, it has 5 Sutra (mentioned below)
If two or more are bought together the power is unimaginable, all five could destroy existence.
Sutra: Owner: Description: Location:
Maten Genjo Sanzo Hold power over Youkais (Evil) and Darkness (Yin) With Genjo Sanzo
Saiten Genjo Sanzo Rules the Sages (Sanctity) and Light (Yang) At Houtou Castle (Stolen)
Muten Ukoku Sanzo Presides over Death and Nothingness With Ukoku Sanzo (Was inside his bunny)
Uten unknown Governs Life and Existence Buried in the desert, (Suspected at Houtou Castle).
Gouten Sharak Sanzo Controls the Unknown and Infinity (Defence) With Sharak Sanzo
Sealed Jar This jar contained the Nyoi-Bo and the Shakugetsujou, Goku and Gojyo broke it when helping Genjo clean, they both got the weapons out of it, it was a sacred treasure.
The only way they can get rid of these weapons is do die.


Sanzo Priests Sanzo Priests are recognised from their Robes, Golden crown and a Crimson Chakra on their foreheads, as well as a Tenchi Kaigen Sutra on their shoulders.

Sanzo's become Sanzo's by stepping over the dead body of their predecessors.
They are the highest order of monks in Shangra'la

A saying
'Hold Nothing'
This is explained a lot in the manga, as how Genjo lives his life.
Please just look it up ^_^
Gyumaoh's Resurrection This is what Gyumaoh's resurrection looks like, Science and Magic combining to bringing him back, this is the rout of the Minus Wave.
The people/Youkai involved are Gyokumen and Ni Jyeni.
The Minus Wave The Minus Wave is something brought on by trying to resurrect Gyumaoh. It affects Youkai, sending them mad, where they want to kill and eat humans, They forget who they were.
It's explained it's like a seizure, or going nuts where you forget yourself, then once you calm down everything's different and humans look like meat. they call it 'Rebirth'
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Reload Blast
Hyakugan Maoh Clan This is the woman eating clan that Chin Yisou was the prince of.
Hyakugan Maoh was the king, and was the one that Yaoni was meant to be sacrificed too.
The whole clan was killed by Cho Gonou as he tried to rescue/revenge his sister, Kanan.
Prayer Beads These were Kouryuu's prayer Beads, they were the only thing found on him in the river. He gives them to Shuei just before he's made a Sanzo. Lord Rikudo used them to keep him saine. Saiyuki
Bunny Rabbit Plushi This is Ni Jyeni bunny rabbit he caries everywhere in Houtou Castle, but it actually contains the Muten scripture. Saiyuki
Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Reload Blast
Flying Dragon This is one of the flying dragon mounts that Kougaiji and Co use. Saiyuki
Saiyuki Reload
Paper Airplanes Koumyou Sanzo made these orange plains then flu them through a blue sky.

It's mentioned more in 'Saiyuki Requiem' the anime

Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuki Requiem*
Mahjong Tile These are the tiles Chin Yisou used to call forth Shikagami Saiyuki
Shikagami Monsters Shikagami called forth by Chin Yisou using Mahjong tiles Saiyuki
Chin Yisou Doll This is the Doll that shot Gojyo in the heart by a seed. Saiyuki
The Gourd Given to Ginkaku by Kami-Sama.
Used to consume the souls of bad people.
It devours the soul putting them into an alternative dimension inside the Gourd where they get eaten by monsters.
Monster inside The Gourd This is the main monster that tries to kill Goku and Hakkai as they are trapped inside the Gourd. This is the 1st monster where we see Hakkai take off his limiters to kill it. Saiyuki
The Guide to Kami Sama's Castle This is the rabbit / Bear that welcomes the boys the 2nd time they go to Kami Sama's castle, telling them they cant smoke, drink or allow pets into the castle.

[is nicknamed Bonnie&Clyde or ďBoniKura [ボニクラ]". thanks to Veronicacode for this info ^_^]

Hakkai's Right eye This is Hakkai's right eye that he ripped out himself.

[In the Anime, Goku stops him from ripping out his eye.]

[AN: I forgot to put this in the original edit... I couldnt resist ^_^]

Hazel's Amulet
aka: Star of David
This is a talisman that Hazel can use to gather souls of the dead, The number of souls corresponds to the number of holes in the amulet (13)
[It's a Star of David, a jewish symbol, but Hazel is called a Bishop, make of it what you will :P]
The Amulet is eventually destroyed by Gat
Saiyuki Reload
Tenpo's Ashtray This sit's on the desk in Tenpo's office, it gets a lot of page time, thats why it's here :P Saiyuki Gaiden
Tenba Tenjin's pet Vulture, that he saves as a chick, also named after ** son.
Tenba also has a thing for Goku, and in the end, flies off.
Saiyuki Blast
Inside the Pack This is the first real glimpse of inside the pack they normaly make Goku carry around.
At least now we know where Sanzo's crown is most of the time ^_^
Saiyuki Blast
aka: Bell
Used to channel the power from the *** sutra to protect *** and surrounding villages so Youkai can not attack. Saiyuki Blast
Butsugu like an antenna for the power from the bell, each surrounding village have one to bolder the protective barrier that protects them from Youkai. Saiyuki Blast


This is where Sanzo and party live, it's a place of peace, where humans and Youkais lived side by side in harmony until the Minus Wave hit.  
Mountain Kaka Where Goku was born from the earth  
Mountain Gogyou
aka: Mount Gogyo
The Mountain of Five Elements, This is where Goku was imprisoned for 500 years after escaping from Heaven and before Genjo Sanso found him.  
Goku's Cage This is the inside of Goku's Cage on top of the mountain Gogyou where he spent 500 years as a punishment for his crimes in Heaven.  
Houtou Castle in Indea A Demo Castle, where the Minus Wave is coming from and Gyokumen Koushu is trying to resurrect Gyumaoh, also the home of Kougaiji.  
Chang'an Temple
Temple of the Setting Sun
This is the temple where Sanbutsushin (three aspects of Buddha) reside. and where Genjo is sent on his journey west.
Also known as the Temple of the Setting Sun.
Kinzen Temple At the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. This is where Kouryuu was found on the banks of the river and where he grew up before becoming Genjo Sanzo and leaving the temple was attacked again after he left. Saiyuki
Hyakugan Castle This is the Hyakugan Maoh castle
This is where Cho Gonou killed a thousand Youkai's and Kanan killed herself.

[in the manga is says it's the 'Woman Hunter Tribe' But it's also mentioned that Hyakugan Maoh was the Centipede Youkai King that was going to eat Yaoni in Houtou Castle... so make of it what you will]

Kami Sama's Castle This castle is where Kami-Sama lives, it has 13 floors. it's where the Sanzo party met their 1st defeat at the hands of Kami Sama.
It has a strange hybrid guide.
Zen'ou temple This is the temple where Goudai Sanzo was and where Ken'Yuu became Ukoku Sanzo Saiyuki
Saiyuki Reload
Shayou Palace This is where Sanso takes Cho Gonou to see the Sanbutsushin for judgment. Saiyuki
Gate inside Shayou Palace These are the gates inside Shayou Palace that lead to the room where the Sanbutsushin can be communicated with. And where Cho Gonou became Cho Hakkai...

This would also be the place where Sanzo was sent on his mission to the west.

Keiun Temple The Best temple in the east, and close to Chang'an temple (where the three aspects are) this is where Genjo Sanso is told to stay at and eventually run by the Aspects. it's where he is when he goes looking for Goku and were he meets Hakkai and Gojyo.
Jinkaku High Priest also spent his retirement here.
Saiyuki Reload
Genjo Sanzo's Office at Keiun Temple This is just a peek inside Sanzo's office inside Keiun Temple, it pops up through the manga in places, I lost track of where and when it appears and in which ark. Saiyuki Reload
Gojyo's House This is Gojyo's house where he lived with Banri for many years, After that, Hakkai becomes his house mate, I think they live here for about two years together. Saiyuki
Saiyuki Reload
Town Protected from Youkai This is the town Master Soushin is supposed to be protecting by a barrier that repels Youkai, it's hemmed in by mountains and forests. but it's a prosperous and peaceful human town.
But any Travellers are given to the Youkai as tribute so supplies are un harassed.
Saiyuki Reload
Youkai Village This was the Youkai Village in the desert that Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai end up in.
They have been cut of from an oasis by humans.
Eventually the town gets destroyed by humans by fire.
Saiyuki Reload
The Oasis Village It's an Oasis in the middle of a desert.
This is a village where humans and Youkai used to live together until the humans pushed the Youkai out (it happened before the Minus Wave).
The Youkai now live in a village at the other side of the mountains and the humans deny them water from the oasis. the humans are also heavily armed.
Saiyuki Reload
Heaven Umm.. not much else I can say... ^_^ Saiyuki Gaiden
Konzen Doji Office in Heaven Looks like a very nice room, there are more images of this office and Konzen's nice comfy desk chair. there is also a bedroom off to one side that he shares with a very young Goku.

The image to the right is of his bedroom with Goku's little bed.

Saiyuki Gaiden
Tenpo Gensui Office in Heaven This is a clean office, mostly it strooned with books and scrolls. Tenpo normally gets Kenren to help him tidy up ^_~
This is also where the double frog ashtray resides.

The image to the right is a flour plan of the his office.

Saiyuki Gaiden
The Palace in Heaven Umm... the palace in Heaven where the Jade Emperor resides. Saiyuki Gaiden
Heaven to Earth Elevator / Lift This is the lift from the top of Heaven to the lower reaches, where the Heaven / Earth gate is. Saiyuki Gaiden
Heaven to Earth Emergency Stairs These are the emergency stairs from Heaven above to the Gate to earth, and where our boys escape down. Saiyuki Gaiden
Gate to Earth from Heaven This is the gate between Heaven and Earth (Dimensional Gate) Saiyuki Gaiden
Nataku Monster Room This is where all the monster Hybrid's are kept Saiyuki Gaiden
Taisouji Temple Where Houmei got his training to be a Sanzo
It's known for it's isolated location and it's hard discipline and teachings.
They also train monks to become Sanzo Priests.
Saiyuki Ibun
Isolated Village Isolated village they get taken too when they pass out after killing some youkai that just attacked some villages.
The village is only assessable by one drawbridge.
They used to have a festival of singing, but are silent so the youkai cant find them after all the surounding villages have been desimated.
Saiyuki Blast
Sharak's Fortress AN: This place still has no name.

This is where Sharak Sanzo protects villages and fights back the Youkai.

Saiyuki Blast
Temple Kyokueiden This is the temple where Kumari resides.
It is also one of the few places where someone can have an audience with the three aspects, Sanbutsushin.
Saiyuki Blast   -   -   Disclaimer