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  BUS Gamer 'AAA'

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These are other works by Minekura that dont merit their own galleries... that or I'm just lazy... also some nice 'almost' Yaoi images to drool over, always my faves! tehe
Anyhow, this enjoy!

On with the Pictures ^_^


BUS Gamer 'AAA'
Moved these images to their own gallery, just click Here or click the image -> to go to their gallery.

I only really have 2 images of this... Go to the MANGA's page for more info!

The image far right is from the re-release of the manga, I love the the change in style :P

A new image for the re-release of the manga!

I have no idea what this title is either, just a few misc images in Backgammon 1 
Ok. so my 'Pleas' were heard! Thanks Chiisai!
Anyhow... This is 'Honeycomb', from what little I can find out, it's about 2 guys who go and pick up dead bodies where ever they may be. Yamazaki is the guy with the patch over his right eye, and Jinnai is the guy with the Lennon shades... 
And, well at this moment that is the extend of my knowledge...
But why they have guns???

The bottom set of images were taken from someone's file archives, but I don't know who's >_<

Hatenkou Yuugi
I couldnt believe it when I found this when looking for images of Hatenkou Yuugi images!
Loved this anime! shame I cant find more images like this >_<
?Bullets & Blades?
 I originally thought this might be from BUS Gamer, but I don't think it actually is... Still funny though ^_^
So it falls into a miscellaneous pick from Backgammon 3
Miscellaneous from the Art Book Salty-Dog II
 I have no idea what any of these are :P
I like the samurai one though!
Don't know who these guys are and I don't care!
Great pick! this is the only Shonen-ai one from "Backgammon 2
Misc of the Misc 
More misc picks, this time from Backgammon 3...
Have to say I like the first one here, nothing like a little bondage :P
Misc Remix
Just some misc pix that I scanned from he new Backgammon Remix Artbook and shoved here, I could have done um before but I didn't wanna :P...
Also I think the 1st pic was a double spread with a crease in the middle.
Morning Kissis?
This is from the Sugar Coat artbook... and I just thought it was so sweet that I'm putting it in!
Ok, mah, this should be in WA, but it's a new site now, and I'm not moving it :P

Also, this was taken from Minekura's official site some time ago :P

Kubota & Sanso / Tokito & Goku
Oww well Sanso isnt my fav, but owww Kobuta WEEE!
Love this picki... again I think I nicked it from the official Minekura site last year... oops...
Saiyuki & BUS Boys!

Just some new ones that I thought were pretty smart ^_^


No idea what this is about but I love bunnies and.. umm kitty? puppy? Oh Well... still awsums!

New Year 2009

found this and /purrs... Minekura's art is just to gooood!

[1] Lot of ppl requested this image :P
Appears at the back of 'Backgammon 1'

[2] Appears in the back of 'Backgammon 2', and I scanned it in, cos *grins* doesn't it look like Tokito?
Anyways, might explain who the feet belong too in [1] tehe.

[1]   [2]

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