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Saiyuki Gaiden


Son Goku

Konzen Doji

Kenren Taisho

Tenpo Gensui



These guys are more well adjusted that the Saiyuki Boys ^_^

This is what happened to Goku when he first get's taken to heaven, mostly cos they cant kill him or let him free on earth. It should hopefully lead to what actually happens to get Konzen, Tenpo and Kenren dead so they can be reincarnated to the boy's we know and love.

Despite the fact this is an almost side story to Saiyuki, a prequel that's being run the same time as the main storyline. it's just fantastic, I think I'm even a little more interested in this story line than the Saiyuki cannon (dodges flying objects) I can help it. I think it's more that I know where it's should end and I'm really impatient to see it, well almost cos it's cant end prettily.

Anyhow, look see and enjoy ^_^

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Konzen Doji (Sanzo)
Konzen is a full blown god, He's practically a paper pusher and is also the nephew of Bosatu.
Dour and considered frigid, Bosatu lumps him with the newly found Goku to lighten him up a bit, thing is, it works!

Son Goku (younger self)
This is the same Goku but 500 years young, newly found, he's shorter, more naive and not as bad mouthed as the Goku we know. He's nothing but a happy go lucky kid who all but worships Konzen, though he hates Kozen's bad moods.
Tenpo Gensui (Hakkai)
Tenpo is a Marshal of Heavens Army, he seems to spend most of his time reading about war in his office then getting everyone else to help tidy up when he leaves a mess.
He's an old friend of Kozen, and looks out for Kenren. *wink*
Kenren Taisho (Gojyo)
Kenren is one of the Generals in the army, but with nothing else to do he drinks instead. Most people consider him dangerous, and they know he is in many ways.
He only really respects Tenpo.

On with the Pictures ^_^

San Goku

A cuter younger and more innocent Goku!
Who wouldn't love this little guy ^_^

When he first meet's Konzen, he yanks out some of his golden hair. Bosatu finds this all amusing and put's little Goku in his care.

Goku eventually meet's Tenpo and Kenren, and worm's his way into their hearts ^_^

He also makes friends with Nataku, but that's all just very sweet and tragic >_<







Konzen Doji

eh he, I cant help myself I love long blond hair ^_^

and the 2st image, (from Saiyuki Gaiden 3) OMFG! helllooo my eyes nearly dropped out when I saw this one, made me all warm and fuzzy inside ^_^
And I would love a clean version of the 3rd one!

Konzen is practically a bored paper pusher, and after hundreds of years, he get's lumbered with Goku, mostly out of his auntie/uncle's amusement, also cos no one else really want little Goku.

Despite his annoyance, he's more affectionate with Goku, and becomes more of a father to him than anything else.

One of his best and only friends is Tenpo.





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Tenpo Gensui

Ya, he's 1st, like I could resist, Hakkai with longer hair, proper specs and a lab coat? mind me while I grin like an idiot ^_^

Despite being a Marshal of heaven and being in the army, he's obsessed with books, and is usually found buried in them in his office.

He's also rather hard, and has high respect in the army, though other's in heaven seem to underestimate him, much to their surprise.

His friend's are Kenren and Konzen, who he has known for a long time. he also teaches Goku to read.





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Kenren Tisho
I prefer Gojyo, but hell he goes with Tenpo Gensui so darn well ^_^

Kenren is a genral in the heavenly army, he also has the respect of his men, but that's about it. He spends the rest of his time drinking.

He also becomes friends with Tenpo ^_^

Kenren's Hair
In the Manga, Minekura has given Kenren BLACK hair, but in the Anime it's red...
The only reason I can think why, is so that we make the connection easier in the anime between Gojyo and Kenren.
But Kenren isn't a forbidden child, so it's irk's me a lot ^_^




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Konzen Doji & San Goku

These two are just to cute together, all soft and innocent, ^_^, specially with Konzen acting like a dad to little Goku! sweet!
Konzen is also very Very protective of little Goku, (Sanzo would die before showing Goku this kind of affection ^_^)

The last 3 images are from 'Gaiden 3' where Goku wakes up after seeing Nataku kill himself, and after Goku killing a lot of people. he attacks Konzen, but stops before pounding his head in.
(We also get to see 'Jippu / Hakuryu' as he looked when he was also in heaven ^_^)


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Tenpo & Kenren

*purrrs* hoo ya baby! there just isnt enough of these images about!

Their relationship is much like Hakkai & Gojyo's, only without the baggage. They are very good friend, even to a point they are accused of being lovers, (I reckon it's true tehe, even more so when reading the end of Gaiden!)




Old Publicity images
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This is the 1st release cover of
Saiyuki Gaiden Vol 1



Manga Colour images

This will hopefully get bigger as I find these, they will be from the original manga chapter released in magazine's but are greyscale for the novel release.


Group Shots

There arnt many Gaiden group shots unfortunately, but what there are are very nice :P I just with I had more cleaned up version of them *sigh*







A promo for the anime side of Gaiden, with Bosatu

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