The other guys in Saiyuki!

The good, the bad and the down right KAWAIIIIIII! tehe



Good guys, Bad guys, it's all mixed up and confusing ^_^

This isnt a total list of other characters in the Saiyuki world, that will be somewhere else on this site, this is mostly just the pretty colour images I've scrounged up over the years, and this is also for all those people who e-mailed me asking for more images of these guys ^_^ hopefully it will only grow in size ^_^


On with the Pictures ^_^


The son of Gyumaoh.

You really have to feel sorry for this guy. he's a good guy, forced to do naughty stuff just cause his step mother holds his mother captive.
Kougaiji is really a good guy at heart, caught up in shit he cant deal with.


[The last one of Koug I scanned recently, cos I found it in Backgammon 3, and reminded me of a more resent one of Kubota from WA :P thought someone might like :P]

Kougaiji and team


Dokugaku (Jien) - His bodyguard

Yaony - His alchemist

Lirin - His little half sister


(the 1st image if from a side manga at the back of one of the manga, where they are cosplaying ^_^)

Kougaiji and Goku

These are early one's were they liked fighting with each other :P


What is it about this bad guy, all I wana do is hug him to death, even if he is a twisted little shit, he's still cute ^_^

His story is in the last volume of the Saiyuki Manga, and the beginning of 'Saiyuki Reload Gunlock' Anime.
Ya, bit odd, but at least they finally animated that ark! wee *drools* tehe

Koumyou Sanzo

This guy is the man who saved Kouryuu (aka: Genjo Sanzo) as a baby, then named him as his successor, and is half the reason why Sanzo is like he is ^_^

(The 2nd image also has Shuei in it)


These are images from 'Ibun' the new Saiyuki spin off manga.

This is a story about how Houmei became Koumyou Sanzo.

Ukoku Sanzo & Koumyou Sanzo


Ni Jyeni aka: Ukoku Sanzo

Ukoku is a Sanzo in name only. we first encounter him under the name of Ni Jyeni working for Gyokumen Koushu.

He's a total bastard, but well, he's kind strangely cool with it ^_^



Hazel Grouse

He's the main character in the Burial ark running in Saiyuk Reload (manga), he's also in 'Saiyuki Reload Gunlock' (anime)

and the 4th image... what a way to loose respect for a bad guy :P made me laugh anyhow ^_^


Gat is Hazel's sidekick, another chara you can help but feel a bit sorry for. not totally a bad guy. 

1) Shuei & Cin Yisou

2) An image from Shuei's ark

Saiyuki anime Series 2

In the main manga  cannon he is only mentioned in passing. There is a small manga to him, but I dont own it personally, or know much about it >_<

Kanzeon Bosatsn

Finally a great image of the God/ess ^_^

Go Dougan

Bad guy from 'Requiem the movie'
He may have been a complete twit, but he was hot doing it before he went all 'body builder on steroids' ^_~


He's mostly in 'Saiyuki Gaiden', the god of war, and the only person in heaven allowed to kill (I think :P)
In the main cannon, he's comatose after what happened in Heaven, what? I dont know yet >_<



The Ilusionist, who I suspect is a nice guy tbh... and I cant help feeling sorry for him after what Sanzo told them other Youkai tehe


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