Doubled up

and ready to go!


  This is mostly just to ease the weight of my other galleries, and also cos these are some of my favourite images, it's not very big, but ho hum, just open them all for a good drool fest ^_^  

On with the Pictures ^_^

Hakkai & Gojyo

*purrrs* notice how there are more of  these images than other pairing's?... and, umm... I'm sure it cant totally be prejudice for my own fancies... maybe ^_~.

But who care's! these two are best friends, and they do just look so hot together *grins happily, then runs off to find some yaoi fanficts*

For more images of these two, try visiting the Gaiden Gallery! ^_^


Sanzo & Goku

Sure there are more images of these two out there... umm, you can send me any if you like and I can see about posting them ^_^


Mixed up

This is just other double images ^_^


Official Reload Calendar 2008

This calendar is A2 in size, so this has been spiced together, (lucky my A3 scanner still works)
I just scanned this one cos I thought it was luch... or rightly Hakkai was lush ^_~


Saiyuki Reload 7 Alternative Cover

This was sent to me by Kimmie, and is supposed to be the alternative cover for the manga, I wish they HAD used it, but I guess it might have been a bit too obverse as to it's content, but well, colour Hakkai in demon form! weee


Threesums oww err

Umm just cos there were some ^_^
Also these are from Saiyuki Reload run


others got in on the act ^_^

threesome.. but without me! *pouts*

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