Name: Sha Gojyo
Race: Half human/Demon
(aka: a forbidden child)
Age: 22
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red
Birth: November 9
Height: 184cm
Weight: 75kg
Blood type: B 


Gojyo is the 'supposed' ladies man, but we know better *grin*



Gojyo himself: Gojyo is half Demon on his farther side and half human on his mothers. His foster mother used to beat him cause of his red hair and eyes that all half breads have and is meant to be the bringer of disaster, also this is a forbidden pairing and he has to live with the stick. he has an older (full demon) Brother who killed his own mother when she tried to kill Gojyo, hence the two scars on his left cheek that she gave him, (these are not demon marks like other demons have).

He comes across as a Ladies Man, but he just wants to see all women happy, I think this is probably some psychological thing of his mother hating him so much and always crying when she saw him.

He smokes a lot, gambles for a living and drinks. Even though he's really one of the good guys, he doesn't like letting down his hard ass image, which is really all a front.

He's really what keeps the band of miscreants together, he seems to be the 'balance' always there when one of the other's is having some kind of angst moment, he gives them some words of advice then makes them laugh, when he's not there the others just seem to get on each other's nerves, well, more so than usual. ^_^

His past isnt a pretty one and filled with enough crap to make anyone bitter, but his loyalty in his friends is without question.


Gojyo's Relationship with the Others: 


With Hakkai = Best friends (if your not bringing Yaoi into it, and I always do :P). He found Hakkai near death, holding his gut's in, he took Hakkai home and brought him back to health. They lived together for three year's, before hooking up with Sanzo and Goku to journey west. The bond they share is very VERY strong. ^_^ (yes I will slash these two together! tehe)


With Sanzo = He respects him, mostly because I think, Sanzo was the one who saved Cho Gono.

With Goku: He treats him like an annoying little brother, and they are constantly fighting about one thing or another, but he likes him to, and just like with the others would do anything for him.


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