This is a collection of all out coat's or suit's we have had for sale.


Classic soft grey 5 piece suit [EXCLUSIVE]

Description: This, to our way of thinking, is absolutely fabulous and is an OOAK with lots of hand stitching in it. The thigh length fully lined coat has mock pocket flaps and turned back reveres, with a pair of matching grey worsted boot-cut trousers. There is a high necked white cotton shirt that is topped with a red paisley waistcoat that fastens with tiny hooks.  The black satin ‘cravat’ has a ‘real diamond’ stud that makes this look very Edwardian high class and sort of sexy at the same time.


I absolutely adore this suit, but I fear death if I tried to keep it >_<, it's an exclusive because I don't think we will be doing another one in grey. We were debating to include the hat, but it's falling apart.

Feedback: SOLD - Absolutely gorgeous outfit! It is incredibly well made


Black & white dog tooth 3 piece outfit

Description: A beautiful 3/4 length black and white tiny dog tooth worsted coat with black mock pocket flaps and turned back cuffs and reveres.  It has a high necked black cotton shirt with a ‘real diamond’ stud that makes this outfit that bit special.  Also included are a pair of black worsted boot-cut trousers that finish off this classy, go anywhere outfit

Feedback: SOLD - Absolutely gorgeous outfit! It is incredibly well made. Highly recommended!!


Gold brocade 4 piece outfit

Description: This is a very smart 4 piece outfit that lends itself to many variations.  It consists of the full length gold patterned brocade coat, black worsted boot-cut trousers, a black ribboned bustier top and a black cotton shirt. This outfit can be worn all together or added to other pieces in your wardrobe as the fancy takes you

This outfit came about when I was debating on keeping this coat as we were trying it on, one of my own bustiers was laying about and I put it on to make an almost dress and I liked it so much I thought someone else might like the idea too ^_^

Feedback: SOLD - beautiful, thankyou so much


3 Piece Suit, Black & Maroon with Fur Collar

Description: “Fur” collar and reveres 3 piece outfit consisting of a pair of plain black fine worsted boot cut trousers and a fine pale blue and white striped cotton shirt with lace edging.  The outfit is finished off with a beautiful full length black coat, with self coloured stitching detail on all the seams. Fully lined in contrasting claret coloured lining and fancy turned back sleeves, it boasts a “soft fur” collar and reveres.  Cuddle into it and keep warm.
This coat was also fully lined.

Feedback: Sold - beautifully made by a clearly talented person. His lordship is pleased.


3 Piece Suit, Black & Maroon

Description: 3 piece ensemble. This is a classical three piece outfit consisting of a beautiful full length black panelled coat, with visible detailed self coloured stitching on the seams. It also has a maroon patterned lining that is seen on the lapels and the turned back shaped cuffs. A white lace trimmed shirt is the perfect accompaniment for to the coat and the plain black boot cut trousers. Very Chic.
This coat was also fully lined.

This suit is almost the same as the one above, apart from the collar, and the shirt, but this one's maroon material is shiny with a matt pattern, where the one above was opposite.

Feedback: Sold - =^_^= THANKS, Lovely outfit, Can't wait to get my new male to put it on, A+ =^_^=


3 Piece Suit, Blue & Silver
Description: coming soon
I loved the colour of this coat, hopefully we will have more colour's soon ^_^
Feedback: Sold


3 Piece Suit, Black & Maroon
Description: coming soon
This is the first suite we ever made, I just wish I had more images of it now, but I'm sure the new owner loves it ^_^
Feedback: Sold


Coat, Peach & Dark green
Description: coming soon
This was an experiment coat, and is still slightly unfinished, one of our 1st try's, it's also fully lined with dark green silk.
Feedback: Not For Sale

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