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This is a collection of all the Kimono's we have created for sale so far, please enjoy!

 Dress Kimonos

Turquoise Brocade 3 Piece Kimono
Description: An absolutely stunning turquoise brocade kimono, the colours shimmer with red and gold with every movement of the material. The white cotton under-gown has turquoise embroidery on the sleeve edges to complement the kimono. A red brocade obi is a contrast but is equally sumptuous and makes a definite statement.
Feedback:  Sold - Lovely Kimono, goes perfectly with Feena :D

Red Brocade 3 Piece Kimono
Description: A traditional red brocade kimono with a beautiful multi coloured pattern enhanced with gold embroidery which shimmers in the light. The under-gown is a plain white cotton polyester with a full circular skirt, the edge of the sleeves are embroidered with red to match the kimono. A contrasting obi in silk complements the whole outfit.
Feedback: lovely kimono

Green/Orange Floral 3 Piece Kimono
Description: Soft cotton kimono with a really lovely pattern in a deep green with orange stylized flowers on a cream background. A cream cotton full circular under-gown with dark green embroidery on the sleeve edges contrasts well with the kimono, also the dark green silk obi finishes this outfit completely.
Feedback: lovely kimono

Cream & Taupe Taffeta 3 Piece Kimono
Description: Taupe and deep cream embroidered leaves cover this cream taffeta kimono with a full circular under-gown in a deep rich chocolate taffeta. The sleeve edges are embroidered in cream to match the kimono and the obi is in the same chocolate taffeta with cream embroidery. Very classy.
Feedback:  Sold - Very good quality!

Midnight Blue Taffeta 3 Piece Kimono
Description: Midnight blue taffeta makes this a truly elegant kimono with a white self patterned full circular under-gown in a semi-sheer material; it gives the right touch of opulence without going too far. The obi on the other hand is a turquoise patterned shimmery brocade the perfect foil to a plain coloured kimono.
Feedback:  Sold - Great kindness and professionality. The product is beautiful. Thank you

Two Kimonos in One 3 Piece Kimono
Description: The basic kimono is a soft green water marked taffeta with a full circular under-gown of a crepe type material in a deep aubergine colour with raspberry coloured flowers and soft green leaves which match the kimono perfectly. The obi is in the same material as the under-dress with a raspberry coloured braid. You can wear the under-gown on its’ own with the obi, minus the top, and still look very pretty.
Feedback:  Sold -

Red Check 3 Piece Kimono
Description: A red check cotton kimono just right for shopping or curling up on the futon on those chilly winter nights, the red just makes you feel warm. There is also a full circular skirted under-gown in cream, plain but practical. The contrasting silk obi makes it a little bit special.

2 Piece Teal & Gold Brocade Kimono

Description: The most gorgeous teal and gold patterned shiny kimono in a soft brocade with a lovely fish pattern in it.  The full circular taffeta under-dress is in a soft pastel shade of stone with embroidered sleeve edges.  The obi is a thick brocade ribbon with colours that are just perfect for this set. This is definitely a red carpet kimono.

Feedback: Sold

2 Piece Silver Brocade & Black Kimono

Description: Beautiful silver grey brocade kimono with a white raised rose pattern, very classical.  The black cotton full circular under-dress has embroidered sleeve edges and is the perfect contrast to the kimono.  A deep wine silk obi with cream embroidered flowers makes this a special outfit for the discerning person of either sex.

Feedback: Sold

2 Piece Subtle Peachy Pink Rose Kimono

Description: A very softly self rose patterned peachy pink cotton kimono, with a delicate white circular under-dress with embroidered sleeve edges.  Perfect for those hot summer days (I’m sure there are these rare things sometimes) when you don’t want anything heavy and warm.  A deep peach shiny satin obi with a very pretty floral ribbon through the middle of it enhances the whole outfit. Too sweet.



Feedback:  Sold - Stunning kimono, beautifully made.

2 Piece Emerald Embroidered Kimono

Description: Truly a sensational silk kimono in a deep red/brown colour with cream raised embroidered flowers and leaves all over. A full taffeta circular under-skirt in a soft dove grey/lilac with embroidered sleeve edges complements the top dress perfectly. The gold satin obi puts on the final touch. Another red carpet outfit

This is one of our first 3 kimonos. This is also so far the only sold kimono with lace trim on sleeves.


Feedback: Sold

2 Piece Dark Claret Floral Kimono

Description: A fine dark claret cotton kimono with a self coloured slightly raised stripe, leaves and flowers in lilac and soft green makes a very pleasant pattern without being too loud.  The under-dress is made of a very light soft pastel stone coloured taffeta with embroidered sleeve edges (it rustles when it moves).  A darker stone mock suede obi that is also embroidered finishes this quietly understated outfit.

Feedback: Sold

2 Piece Light Green Floral Satin Kimono

Description: Not for the shy retiring people who want to blend in with the scenery.  This kimono shouts out “look at me” with bright flora on a light green shiny satin backdrop.  The full circular under-dress is a dark maroon taffeta with embroidered sleeve edges that does not dim the colours in the kimono. A soft raspberry and maroon patterned obi just finishes it off. Go on be brave.

Feedback:  SOLD - lovely kimono well made many thanks

2 Piece Cream & Pink Spring Kimono

Description: For the cooler days of spring, a lightweight silky cream, delicately patterned kimono with a heavier soft raspberry coloured under-dress in a cotton mix.  The under-dress has embroidered sleeve edges and a full circular skirt that is longer than usual and forms a sort of flounce at the hem. The peach embroidered obi finishes the whole ensemble. Can be worn at any time with confidence.

Feedback:  SOLD

2 Piece Emerald Embroidered Kimono
Description: coming soon
This is one of our first 3 kimonos. This is also so far the only sold kimono with lace trim on sleeves.
Feedback: Sold

3 Piece Blue Chinese silk Kimono
Description: coming soon
This is one of our first 3 kimonos.
I was reluctant to let this kimono go because it's very pretty!
Feedback: Sold

2 piece Stone Embroidered

Description: Heavy natural cotton with taupe coloured raised embroidery. The full circular under dress is a rich chocolate worsted material and has embroidered sleeve edges. All finished off with a taupe mock suede embroidered obi

This was a lovely heavy kimono, both the top and under kimono being thick, it was wonderful to take photos of and just looked stunning!
Feedback: Sold


2 piece Sandstone kimono

Description: Quiet elegance is what this kimono says, when the wearers beauty can show through without any thing to distract from it. Made with a subtle heavy linen sandstone colour top kimono and a full circular dark brown fine worsted under kimono, finished with a beautiful obi. Will keep the wearer that little bit warmer in the colder season.

I loved this kimono (one day I'll have my own, mum promised! ^_^) anyway,  this is how I wanted the one below to look originally, this being the 2nd in this material, I always though it had a little bit of a more masculine look which I liked.
Feedback: Sold


2 Piece Sandstone Kimono
Description: coming soon
This is one of our first 3 kimonos. I had a little battle to get this kimono made, but I fell in love with the material and wanted something a little more contrasting to the 'pretty' kimono's
Feedback: Sold


2 Piece Pink Chinese silk floral
Description: coming soon
I'm not a fan of pink, but this was brilliant material and looked stunning.
Feedback: Sold


2 piece Sea Green Kimono

Description: Sea green patterned crepe kimono with gold edged black flowers, it has a full circular cream under dress with lovely embroidery sleeve edge.
A Black obi with gold, sea green and black complementing the whole outfit.

This has to be one of my favourites, the material was very thin and floppy and fell so well it was a joy to play with while taking these photos! I envy the person who bought this kimono ^_^
Feedback: Sold


2 piece Black Kimono

Description: Spectacular black self floral patterned brocade kimono with white full circular under dress and black embroidered sleeve edge. Finished off with a black embroidered obi, very simple and very stunning.

We had a fight over this and the kimono below, I won this one. It's the shiny side with a matt rose pattern, the detailing more linier on the sleeves to give a more masculine look with the black obi. another Kimono I was loathed to part with :P

Feedback: Sold


2 piece Black Brocade Kimono

Description: Black brocade kimono.  A very smart classical black self patterned kimono, featuring a contrasting white under kimono with a full circular skirt and complementary black embroidery on the edge of the white under sleeves. The obi is a beautiful black and gold dragon design which brings this outfit to life. A classical colour combination for any occasion.

As the Kimono above, this one was my mothers choice, she wanted a matt background with the rose pattern being shiny. to give it a more softer look with the detailing and the obi.
Feedback: Sold


2 piece Gold Embroidered

Description: If you want luxury you’ve got it in this kimono, rich gold satin, with a soft sheen, deep old gold coloured embroidered stems, leaves and some of the flowers, the other larger flowers are a brighter gold. There is a full cream circular under dress with gold coloured embroidery on the sleeve edges. Finished off with an embroidered obi, totally gorgeous.

Feedback: Sold


2 piece Gold Silk Embroidered Kimono

Description: Gold silk like kimono. A plain gold silk like kimono body and sleeves with gold and soft olive green embroidered flowers and leaves on the edges. There is also a white full circular skirted under kimono with embroidery on the sleeve edges.  The obi is a mix of both materials so makes a perfect match for the kimono. Quietly understated but shouts “look at me”.

Feedback: Sold - super fast postage, gorgeous kimono, thank you, pleasure to buy from A++++++++++


2 piece Pink Cotton

Description: For those days when a silk kimono is too much and you just want a simple, day to day, pretty, cool outfit. Made of cotton, with pink, old rose and lilac flowers on a cream background.  There is a cream full circular under dress with deep pink embroidery on the edge of the sleeves. The obi is a deep pink with embroidery on it. This outfit will cheer you up on a dreary day.

This is another one of my mothers choices, I was never sure about the material, but in the end I had to concede, it was a great choice for a kimono, I always like to think of it as an every day kimono that a posh one ^_^ it was also very tactile.

Feedback: Sold


2 piece Red Kimono

Description: Beautiful taffeta like material in red and red/purple bands interspersed with deep gold textured stripes, the under dress is white poly cotton with a full circular skirt and embroidered sleeve edges, All complemented by a gold silk obi with red embroidery

Feedback:  Sold


2 piece Red Taffeta

Description: Red striped kimono. Taffeta type red stripes material makes this a bright and cheerful kimono with thin orange raised stripes. The white full circular underskirt has a calming effect with lovely red embroidery on the edge of the underskirt sleeves .The red obi has yellow and blue embroidery on it that match the kimono. Wear this if you need a pick-me-up.



2 piece Gold brocade Kimono

Description: Gold kimono.  A soft gold satiny brocade kimono with a stylized flower pattern all over.  The under kimono is a lovely shade of cream, with a full circular skirt. The sleeve edges have complementary gold embroidery on them, all finished off with the obi, which is a beautiful deep bronze shiny satin with gold embroidery that enhances the whole outfit. A must have for any girls wardrobe.



2 piece Taupe Embroidered Kimono

Description: This is a show-off kimono, made of a taupe coloured silk like material with a soft sheen. A swirly old gold embroidered pattern of leaves and stems interspersed with raised peach flowers, cut to give a depth to them. It also has a cream, full circular under dress with taupe embroidery on the edge of the sleeves. The gold patterned contrasting obi is made of Japanese silk, finishing this outfit perfectly.

Feedback: Sold


2 piece Bronze Embroidered Kimono

Description: Bronze embroidered kimono.  This is a gentle bronze silk like kimono with deep bronze and old gold flowers and leaves embroidered on it. There is a white full circular skirt under kimono with old gold embroidery on the sleeves, a lovely peach silk obi has three lines of embroidery that enhance the whole outfit. This can be worn any time any where

Feedback: Sold - super fast postage, gorgeous kimono, lovely seller, thank you A+++++++++++++++++
 Yukata / Male Kimonos

Yukata blue striped summer/make kimono

Description: A royal blue cotton striped summer kimono that can be worn with or without the white sleeveless under shirt. This is mainly classed as a male kimono because of the length of the sleeves but can obviously be worn by either sex.  There is also a red grosgrain obi tie that complements the kimono.

Feedback: no longer for sale

Yukata black summer/male kimono

Description: Black fine cotton with tiny white Acer leaves throughout. The sleeves are sown up and are shorter than a classical female kimono so this is classed as a male kimono. But who is to say that a woman can’t wear it. Not me. There is a white long sleeveless under shirt with it as well as a black velvet obi, Nice and cool for the summer

Feedback: SOLD


Yukata brown and cream check kimono

Description: A lightweight, fine cotton male kimono with a check pattern of brown, cream and white. This is made as a male kimono but can also be worn just as easily by a woman and look just as good.  There is also a white sleeveless under shirt that can be worn with or without the kimono and finished off with a fine braided obi tie.  Cool and smart

Feedback: SOLD - Very well made, Stallion loves it.


Yukata lilac summer/male kimono

Description: This is a lilac tartan type patterned cotton summer kimono, basically a male kimono but can be easily worn by anyone who wants to be cool in the warmth of any summer we might get, hopefully. There is also a white sleeveless under shirt that can be worn if a little more warmth is needed all held together with a lilac cord obi tie

Feedback: SOLD

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