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We never got around to selling any of these hats.

Black & white felt hat

Burgundy Felt Hat
This is a burgundy felt hat with velvet ribbon trim, light burgundy lace with small burgundy flowers.

Black Felt Skull Cap 
This is a Black sequined felt skull cap with black ribbon around the edge,  the front is  

Red Felt & Feather Hat
A red felt had with red silk ribbon, adorned with red feathers and red and gold braid trim.

Red Felt Hat 
This is a Red felt hat with red velvet ribbon and black and red feathers, held together with a silver and red mettle detail.

Gray & Black Felt Hat
This is stylish Gray and Black felt hat with a velvet band and black brocade, it also had a gold broach and feather at one side.
Gothic Black & Pink Felt Hat
This is a Gothic glittery Black and Pink felt hat, adorned with black and shocking pink feathers, among them are small black bows with a black flower on the right side. there is also black brocade around the hat.
This hat looks great with any gothic or black outfit!

Gold Felt Cap
This is a antique gold skull cap felt hat, adorned with gold glitter with black and gold braid and antique gold lace. the front has a gold rose pattern with a large faux diamond hanging down in front. A great little hat for any princess or 1920's chick!

Silver Felt Cap
This is a Silver moulded felt cap with a trim of white synthetic pearls and a dragonfly adornment.

White & Lilac Felt Hat
This is a White and Lilac felt hat, with lilac trimmed ribbon, small white flowers around the edge, the back has white and purple feathers with some white silk flowers and ribbon. the hat is covered with sparkling glitter (that isn't well seen in the photos) that shimmers.

Navy Blue Felt Hat
This is a Navy Blue felt hat with navy blue metallic ribbon, there is also Black braid around the edge and on the top of the hat.

Teal & Pink Rose Felt Hat
This is a Teal and Pink felt hat, around the hat is a floral ribbon silk, pink ribbon trim, also two strings of small white synthetic pearls. The back is adorned with small pink roses with teal feathers and small synthetic diamonds.

White Summer Hat
This is a woven white summer hat with purple ribbon with white flowers and lace detail.

Purple Felt Hat
This is a purple felt hat, adorned with purple and iridescent green feathers, with small lilac roses and purple rune stones, around the inner and outer rim is purple, lilac and green braiding. It can be warn in any number of ways.






All our designs are hand made one of a kind outfit's and kimono's for Obitsu, Luts, BJ & Dollfie 60cm dolls.