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Red Lace Ball Dress

Description: A truly spectacular dress for a Christmas or New Years Eve Ball or any big swish do all year round when-ever you want to make a grand entrance.
The lace skirt is fully circular as is the plain red underskirt and sandwiched between them is a double layered net petticoat. The top, as you can see, is semi see through but all the naughty bits are properly covered.
It looks so much better in real life than in the photos, honestly, it is one of our favourite dresses.

TBH, if this dress hadn't sold on it's 1st ebay showing I was going to keep it, it really is a stunning dress and fit my Obitsu's perfectly... I hope it's new owner enjoys it as much ^_^



Black Velvet Dress & Shawl

Description: An elegant black velvet sleeveless top with a full skirted black velvet skirt covered with a gold coloured paisley pattern. It also has a black net petticoat to make the skirt look fuller. In case it gets a little cold where ever you might be, there is a matching shawl with heavy beads at the tips, will not blow away in a breeze.
To finish the outfit off we have added a little choker necklace that fastens at the back with a narrow gold ribbon.

Feedback: UNSOLD

Black & White Ball Dress

Description: A very, very full skirted fine black cotton dress with tiny white leaf pattern all the way through. We went a bit OTT on the net petticoat making this a sort of ĎGone With the Windí dress but we still think it looks pretty good.
Also as an added bit of glamour there is a sweet sparkly choker with silk black ribbon to fasten it with at the back.

Feedback: SOLD - fast delivery, lovely dress thankyou

Denim Pinafore Dress & Blouse

Description: A denim like dress with a very deep border of embroidery in brown and white with shoulder straps and buttons, they donít open, the dress has a zip at the back The white cotton blouse has a lovely high collar with a frill and elasticated sleeves, just for something a little bit different. Wear them together or separately, will look good either way.
This dress also looks good with a belt!

Feedback: SOLD - Gorgeous, very well made - thank you!

Turquoise Flower Summer Dress

Description: This is another simple but pretty dress in a pale blue'y turquoise cotton with darker turquoise butterflies and flowers working their way up from the hemline to the dark turquoise silk ribbon at the waist. The ribbon ties at the back in a bow or however you want to tie it.

Feedback: Sold - Absolutely lovely, great value and a OOAK outfit for my Obitsu. Thanks so much!

Pink Summer Dress

Description: This is a high waisted soft pink linen dress with an embroidered, scalloped hem in a soft old rose pink, the bodice is the same pattern as the bottom. An old rose coloured satin ribbon emphasizes the high waist and the delicate lace finishes it off nicely. It also has a white net petticoat that is separate and can be worn under other outfits

Feedback: SOLD - Beautifully Made! A really lovely Dress, Fast Delivery, Thank You!

Claret Taffeta & Lace

Description: A simple but pretty dress in claret coloured taffeta with a wide self coloured frill at the bottom. The ivory lace at the sleeves, neck and waist emphasizes the femininity of this dress.

Feedback: SOLD -




This is a lovely dress in real life, but there just want something right about it, and the photo's are horrible :S...

Feedback: Not for sale


Chocolate brown and gold dress

Description: This is a very lightweight full length summer dress that can be worn either during the day or night and look good at any time.  The material is a kind of silk and a lovely brown with a gold Indian inspired border and a gold pattern throughout.  Quietly understated but elegant.

Feedback: SOLD

White & black gown

Description: This is a very simple, at first glance, gown.  The full circular skirt has a bit of weight to it because it is made of a heavy-ish cotton and has three lines of black embroidery  radiating from the black guipure lace insert on the sleeveless bodice. Less is more is the essence of this gown

Feedback: SOLD - Gorgeous


Chintz floral & lace dress

Description: A very girly pretty chintz full length floral dress with wide cream lace swags near the bottom of the skirt topped with deep gold coloured bows. Lace also trims the elbow length sleeves. For the days when you want to be flirty.

Feedback: SOLD - Gorgeous

White & black gown

Description: This is a very simple, at first glance, gown.  The full circular skirt has a bit of weight to it because it is made of a heavy-ish cotton and has three lines of black embroidery  radiating from the black guipure lace insert on the sleeveless bodice. Less is more is the essence of this gown

Feedback:  SOLD

Midnight blue taffeta and lace gown

Description: A beautiful regal midnight blue taffeta gown with a full length circular skirt that has two panels of delicate lace at the front that taper into the centre of the bodice.  The bodice is a sleeveless creation with the same lace as the skirt in the front panel and topped off with a lace trim. The gown can be worn as is, or can have the added attraction of the matching taffeta shrug also edged with lace. A truly classical, sophisticated outfit that would not look out of place at any high class function

Feedback: SOLD - very nice doll outfits!! Thank You!!!


Maroon Taffeta Dress
This was the 1st dress made with this design, it pained us to part with it, but I hope the owner loves it as much as we did ^_^
Feedback:  SOLD


Emerald & Black Taffeta Dress

Description: Emerald green and black spotted taffeta type material full length dress. A pretty girly dress with frills and lace.  Want to feel sweet, innocent? cute and feminine, well look no further. Here it is.
Is fastened with Velcro.

This is the 2nd dress made with this design.

Chiffon ice blue 3 piece
Description: Ribboned bodice with puffed sleeved blouse and a two tiered circular skirt
Feedback: Sold


Guipure Lace Satin Dress
Description: Guipure lace and satin bustier dress.  Deep bronze satin and thick black guipure lace make this an irresistible addition to any wardrobe.  Classic ballerina length wear it with black long gloves and pearls, OR , Goth it up to the hilt with high new rock boots  plus all the works. This dress can cope easily with either.
Is fastened with a dress zip, please check chest measurements.
Feedback: Sold - Thank you so much! Such a nice dress! THANK YOU! *happy*

Gold / Turquoise Gown
Description: The ultimate in classy chic.  A full length, full circular old gold and turquoise silk shimmering evening dress. The bustier top has a central pin-tucked panel oozing quiet elegance and understated glamour.  A circular black net underskirt finishes this creation.
Is fastened with a dress zip.
This is one of my mum's favourite gowns and it does look more stunning in real life.
Feedback: Sold - super fast postage, fabulous dress, absolutely thrilled, thank you A++


Blue & White Summer Dress
Description: Blue and white cotton border printed dress with white triangular inserts for a softly flared skirt.  Puffed sleeves and a low cut neckline make this a cool summer must have . (for when we actually have some type of summer ^_^)
Is fastened with Velcro.
I loved this dress so much I just couldn't part with it in the end :P
Feedback: no longer for sale


3 piece lilac outfit
Description: Ribboned bodice with a white lace shrug and an A line skirt
Feedback: un-sold


Lilac worsted Dress
Description: Lilac fine worsted bustier dress with a circular skirt and three beautiful lines of lavender flowers that lift it to a higher level of smart.  It can be worn either day or evening and look good in both cases.
Is fastened with a dress zip, please check chest measurements.
Feedback: un-sold


Emerald 2 tier summer dress
Feedback: un-sold
Skirts & Tops


2 Piece Gold & Lace Dress
Description: Gold satin top and skirt.  This is a very pretty girlie gold satin and lace top with lace shoulder straps. It is also separate from the skirt so can be worn with other items in your wardrobe.  The ballerina length skirt is a mass of delicate lace on a gold satin underskirt.  Oh so feminine.All fastenings are Velcro.
Feedback: Sold - Highly recommended, many thanks!


3 Piece Gothic Outfit
Description: A lovely versatile black and blue three piece outfit consisting of a black cotton frilly shrug which matches the two tier frilly skirt.  The bustier top is quietly loud with white spots, ribbons, bows and white trimmings yet looks classy. Wear all three together or two together or one with something completely different. Must wear something though Ďcos if you donít itís rude. All fastenings are Velcro.

Feedback: Sold


2 piece Gothic outfit
Feedback: Sold

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