Currently we only have two dolls


His Name: Yuki
Doll Body: Obitsu 3 Part Body
Normal body, White Skin.

Seen here with a 'Male Chest' optional part
Head: Haruka White skin [60HD-F07W-E]
(The one I own is an old model, & of a harder vinyl than the new one's)
Eye's: 16mm
Face Up: By Me (thought it's now different to this photo :P)
This is our main model Doll you see in all the photos, for dresses I swop out the male chest for the original female bust that came with the doll.
This is also slightly larger in it's dimensions to the doll below.
Yuki was also our 1st boll so he holds a special place in my heart ^_^
Also I have to say, I prefer this doll's jointing to the ball joint.


His Name: Mitsui
Doll Body: Obitsu 2 Part Body
White Skin, ball jointed doll.
Soft vinyl chest & Torso
Head: Haruka White skin [60HD-F07W-E]
Eye's: 16mm
Face Up: By Me
This is my new doll. she's slightly smaller in some dimensions that Yuki, so we wont be using her as much to model
(I originally ordered a 3 part doll, but this 2 part came instead, and we decided to keep her.)

Below are the two doll's together so you can see the slight difference between the two

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