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David Tennant @ Absolute Radio
On the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show November 2009

The show aired from 6am to 10am GMT, Recorded on SD card with my DAB radio. All are unedited MP3's of the entire show. with Adds, Don't abuse the Downloads and Enjoy ^_^
To Download, Right click, then "Save Target As..." to your Hard Drive.

Wednesday 11th David Tennant - Wed-11-11-09-0607 33mb
David Tennant - Wed-11-11-09-0643 70mb
David Tennant - Wed-11-11-09-0758 57mb
David Tennant - Wed-11-11-09-0859 12mb
David Tennant - Wed-11-11-09-0912 44mb
Thursday 12th David Tennant - Thu-11-12-09-0600 56mb
David Tennant - Thu-11-12-09-0700 56mb
David Tennant - Thu-11-12-09-0800 56mb
David Tennant - Thu-11-12-09-0900 51mb
Friday 13th David Tennant - Fri-11-13-09-0600 56mb
David Tennant - Fri-11-13-09-0700 56mb
David Tennant - Fri-11-13-09-0800 56mb
David Tennant - Fri-11-13-09-0900 56mb


Just a few MP3's that I like... I might post more soon, so enjoy ^_^
I mostly use these from ringtones on my mobile :P
Doctor Who Theme Music I use this for my ringtone, I am a sad fan bunny, but I cant help it ^_^
The Doctor Theme Music This is just a fantastic bit of music!
TARDIS Landing These dont need much explaining, but an essential for any fan ^_^
TARDIS Takeoff


Well I still cant make my own vidios, damn PC >_<... so these are a few of my favourite's I've found about the net ^_^
Click the image to Download the .avi, or go direct to

PS: I would have embedded the videos, but my pc acts up with it so I cant check if they work >_<

Off the Telly!

Children in Need Special - 2007
I almost wet myself when this was on the Telly! My 2 favourite doctors together on the TARDIS, Oh Yes ^_^
Tonight's the Night - John Barrowman
The 3rd guy was the winner of a competition to be a DW Baddy on the John Barrowman show, Class... just Class ^_^
Blink - The whole of the Doctor's Side.
This is on the DW season 3 DVD box set, nicked this from youtube and converted :S... Enjoy!
Not as funny as the 'Family of Blood' one I cant find atm :P

Fan Videos

The Lucky Ones - by Ruby Chan
This is on Youtube, but the music has been removed, so this is the original one from youtube with sound... it's just STUNNING!

The Master - Brand New Day - By Hellish Gnome
Love this Video, even if it's a Master MV! The Hellish Gnome has made some incredibly funny DW Vidios! Go watch them all!


Photo Manips
I did these mostly for gifs for my LJ, or for my phone backgrounds, and mostly cos I'm sad and I find it fun ^_^

This isnt my best work, I must admit, it was my 1st but at the time I didn't have any 2 good images to put together, but was done for the gif opposite, I just couldn't get the tone right /sigh

This was a bit of a cheat, Just wanted a Dr/Jack image, so I scrubbed Martha out and shoved in the TARDIS, done for my mobile phone, think it came off rather well tonally. ^_^

I did this one cos I thought I had lost the original (above) and I didn't wana recreate it cos I thought it a little dark and depressing, so came up with the sparkly brighter version. The TARDIS was the one that gave me most trouble (original TARDIS image) took many layers and a LOT of manipulation and tonal correction :P

Again for the TARDIS gif opposite. The original image has Rose in it, so took some cloning and manip to edit her out :P, could have done a better job, but I got lazy :P


My Icons & Gif's
This is just the Icons I do for my LJ at the moment, but I'll try and get to do more soon :P size 100x100, the gif's mostly come out when I'm scouring though my image archives and I think it might be amusing :P

This came about when I was looking through my DW images.

Just cos of my Love of the TARDIS

I do love men in specs, dont know why, but purrsss

This was my 1st splice... not that good, but hey :P

Doctor Thinking.
This is from my favourite Poster, purrs ^_^


Mobile Phone Backgrounds
I did these for my mobile phone when I finally upgraded from my Nokia 3210 to a nice Samsung E900, so all these are 240x320, dont know if they will work on other mobiles (I's a bit thick on phones :P) but the bars at top and bottom are so you can see the info on the screen better :P