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Peter Davidson

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I almost peed myself when I saw this on 'Children in Need' My two favourite Doctors on one screen at the same time! whoot!
A little strange, but well worth it!
I was only a little kid when Peter Davidson's Doctor hit the screen, but he was my first, as they say :P... I never liked the following 2 doctor's, thank the light David Tennant came along tehe :P

Come on... he WAS gorgeous!
The day's when B&W photography still existed O_O?

"I'm a man who never would... Not my line? oops"
The TARDIS Desktop theam from my childhood!
"New Dalek film crew?"
"Held up by an old Gypsy and an androgens Pirate... and I thought my day couldn't get anymore strange..."
"S&M Party you say?... I'll get my coat."
"Not Fancy dress then?"
"Bhangra? I can Dance too!"