Doctor Who Fanfiction Index
By Bane Huntress

 All these Fanfictions are 10/Jack orientated, Yaoi, slash for the win :P
There are lots some spelling and grammar goofs, I do apologise, but I's dyslexic and Word isnt that good at it all /sigh... anyhow, enjoy and if you wish to be a beta reader or correct the spelling, please feel free then e-mail them to me!!!

Dr 10th / Jack If the Winds in the Right Direction Part 1 Chapter 1 - Home coming

One immortal, bring together with one Doctor, mix in some angst and Mpreg, Separate and roast over a slow fire before rapping it all up and serving with a sweet tea ^_~

Chapter 2 - The HUB
Chapter 3 - Too far
Chapter 4 - Some time later
Chapter 5 - And if wishes..
Part 2 Chapter 1 - Old awakenings

One confused TW team, one fecked TARDIS, a few rose petals, some Doctor’s with a dash of Jack slash, finally brought to the boil with some Mpreg, Serve with some eye strain and wine.

Chapter 2 - New circumstances
Chapter 3 - Running blind
Chapter 4 - Mothers love

Dr 10th / Jack The Making of Ours Part 1 Wha… what?.. What!

What's the story with Riversong? What happen to Jack on the Valiant? And a Doctor who has to face that little voice of being honest with himself.
And sorry, but it's more
Mpreg ^_^

Part 2 Worth waiting for?
Part 3 JACK!
Dr 10th / Jack He's Not Wrong?

bit of a drivel about why Jack is/isn’t wrong, and how his immortality(ish) actually might work in cannon O_O’’

“He just feels w…”

“You say that and so help me I’m going to find a way to become corporeal and slap you!” Donna shouted. And he was slightly worried she just might

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