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Doctor Who 2006 to 2009

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This is a comprehensive book guide, I got bored of scouring the net for books and what order they are in and what family they belong too... so here you are... my best effort :P This also covers the books from 2006 to Current.

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Authors A to Z:

Christopher Cooper

Colin Brake
  The Price of Paradise
Judgement of the Judoon
The Graves of Mordane
Lost Luggage
The Haunted Wagon Train
The Spaceship Graveyard
The Time Crocodile
Dan Abnett
Daniel Blythe
Davey Moore
  Dark Planet
The Corinthian Project
David Llewellyn
Gareth Roberts
Gary Russell
Jacqueline Rayner
  Winner Takes All
The Stone Rose
The Last Dodo
The Sontaran Games
The Pictures of Emptiness
James Swallow
Justin Richards
  The Clockwise Man
The Deviant Strain
The Resurrection Casket
Martha in the Mirror
I am a Dalek
The Dust of Ages
The Depths of Despair
The Planet of Oblivion
The End of Time
Jonathan Green
Lance Parkin
Mark Michalowski
Shining Darkness
Mark Morris
  Forever Autumn
Ghost of India
Martin Day
Mike Tucker
  Nightmare of Black Island

Snowglobe 7

The Art of War
Paul Magrs
Richard Dungworth
  The Colour of Darkness
Alien Arena
Second Skin
The Crystal Snare
Simon Guerrier
  The Pirate Loop
The Slitheen Excursion
Simon Messingham
Stephen Cole
  The Monsters Inside
The Feast of the Drowned
The Art of Destruction
Sting of the Zygons
The Vampire of Paris
Steve Lyons
Trevor Baxendale
  Wishing Well
Prisoner of the Daleks
The Game of Death
War of the Robots
The Dragon King
Terrace Dicks
  Made of Steal
Revenge of the Judoon