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These are more grown up books compared to the Doctor Who novels, though it's only Series 1 books that are aimed more to the adult market, the rest are a aimed more at a varied age group.

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Book Series 1

Another Life No 1 Peter Anghelides (2007)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto HB: 978-0-563-48628-7 *

This book was good, the only thing letting it down was the pointless pages of Owen playing in a reality online game that bored the pants off me and seemed more like filler than anything to do with plot line, just skip these pages if youíre not an Owen fan.

The rest of the story and characters is a nice little read, the 1st chapter is brilliant, and as they chase down the alien threat is just thrilling, lots of chases and suicides kept me reading this book, and itís worth it at the end.

As I said, the Owen Online bits let the book down, but can be skipped for the sake of the rest of the story with Gwen, Ianto and Jack. Persevere, itís worth it

Book Series 1

Border Princes No 2 Dan Abnett (2007)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto HB: 978-0-563-48654-1 ***

This story starts off a little strange and had me totally confused, why? Because they TW team were running around with a guy called James who is part of the team, but it all works itís self out in the end :P

This isnít my favourite book in the series, but again, itís still worth reading.

Also, when I was watching season 2 of TW, the episode called ĎAdamí had me remembering this book, the idea is the same, if not the plot.

Book Series 1
Slow Decay No 3 Andrew Lane (2007)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto HB: 978-0-563-48655-8 ***

Eek! This book sent shivers down my spine. Being a bit *cough* on the podgy side myself, I donít think I will ever look at diet pills the same again!

The plot is practically the parent of ĎReset Ė TW series 2í & ĎPartners in Crime Ė DW series 4í. Only there arenít any cute Adipose babies, just nasty aliens :P

This is the most accomplished book in series 1, and I really enjoyed it, after all, when something scares weevles you know itís gotta be good ^_^

Book Series 2

Something in the Water No 4 Trevor Baxendale (2008)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto HB: 978-1-846-07437-0 ****

Once you read this, you will never have a saw throat again without getting a chill down your spine ^_^

I was pleasantly surprised reading this book because itís Owen heavy, and Iím not his greatest fan, but this was a great read.

There is one bit in the autopsy room that had me squealing as I read it, so wonderfully graphically chilling, along with something in an old fish farm that had me glued to the pages :P

Not the most exiting in the series of books, but still worth reading!

Book Series 2

Trace Memory No 5 David Llewellyn (2008)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto HB: 978-1-846-07438-7 ****

Really loved this one! But if you have seen the whole of ĎTW Season 2í then you have to put your tong in your cheek and read it like a really posh fanfiction, and an enjoyable one at that.

It startís off a little confusing, and some of the characterís histories skip off the series cannon, but I couldnít say I minded all that much because the story itís self was so well written. It might take some perseverance to get into the story if youíre reading it casually, but just hang in for the part where Jack enters with his own story concerning the strange Michael.

This book actually made me cry at points and have such empathy for Michael as his story twists and turns though the whole thing pulling you in more.

My only complaint for this book is that it just isnít long enough >_<

Book Series 2
The Twilight Streets No 6 Gary Russell (2008)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto, Bilis Manger HB: 978-1-846-07439-4 *****

OMG! Totally fantastic, enjoyed ever second I read this book!

Of all the books, this is the one that made me feel like it could be a TW episode, infact it would be quite fun to see.

Jack / Ianto fans will also love this ^_~

This one has more subtle references to season 2 of the TV series, and lots from series 1 with Bilis Manger (from the last 2 episodes of season 1, ĎCaptain Jack Harknessí & ĎEnd of Daysí). The author has really done his homework for this one, capturing all the character, setting and the general feel of a good TW plot line, also a little insight into season 2 makes it a blessing to read because they are all totally spot on.

It finally explains what Abaddon was and why Bilis did what he did.

The back blub of the book gives nothing away at to the true story hidden in these pages (unlike the others)Ö

As for recommendationsÖ this is the best of all six. But Iím happy I read the other books fist, I like saving the best till last!

Go get, go read, go enjoy totally ^_^

Book Series 3
Pack Animals No 7 Peter Anghelides (2008)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto HB: 978-1-846-07574-2  

Book Series 3

SkyPoint No 8 Phil Ford (2008)
Jack, Gwen, Tosh, Owen, Ianto HB: 978-1-846-07575-9  
Book Series 3
Almost Perfect No 9 James Goss (2008)
Jack, Gwen, Ianto HB: 978-1-846-07573-5

Book Series 4

Bay Of The Dead No 10 Mark Morris (2009)
Jack, Gwen, Ianto HB: 978-1846077371  
Book Series 4
Into The Silence No 11 Sarah Pinborough (2009)
Jack, Gwen, Ianto HB: 978-1846077531  

Book Series 4

The House That Jack Built No 12 Guy Adams (2009)
Jack, Gwen, Ianto HB: 978-1846077395  
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