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These are all the small BBC hardback novels so far, they can be found in the children's section of most shops, or click on the book names to go straight to the page to buy them. Reviews are for the one's that I have raid so far :P

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(HB-Hardback / PB-PaperBack)


The Clockwise Man Justin Richards  May 05 
9th , Rose HB: 0-563-48628-7  
The Monsters Inside Stephen Cole  May 05
9th , Rose HB: 0-563-48629-5  
Winner Takes All Jacqueline Rayner  May 05
9th , Rose HB: 0-563-48627-9  
The Deviant Strain Justin Richards  Sep 05
9th , Rose , Jack HB: 0-563-48637-6 *****

Loved this books! The story is just a thrill ride of horror and suspense and this author knew what to do with Jack's Character! The 1st Dr Who book I read just cos it had Jack in it.
Out of the three books with Jack in (Only Human & The Stealers of Dreams) this is the only one I will recommend!

Only Human Gareth Roberts  Sep 05
9th , Rose , Jack HB: 0-563-48639-2 *
The Author didn't know what to do with Jack's character, so he's kinda shoved to one side and I wasn't too impressed with the story in general.
The Stealers of Dreams Steve Lyons Sep 05 
9th , Rose , Jack HB: 0-563-48638-4 **
This one was all right, the story is ok, again, Jack was shoved to one side with his own little story line.

The Stone Rose   Jacqueline Rayner  Apr 06
10th , Rose , Mickey HB: 0-563-48643-0  
The Feast of the Drowned Stephen Cole  Apr 06
10th , Rose , Mickey HB: 0-563-48644-9  
The Resurrection Casket Justin Richards  Apr 06
10th , Rose HB: 0-563-48642-2  
The Nightmare of Black Island   Mike Tucker Sep 06 
10th , Rose HB: 0-563-48650-3  

Alternative Cover

The Art of Destruction Stephen Cole  Sep 06 
10th , Rose HB: 0-563-48651-1  
The Price of Paradise   Colin Brake Sep 06
10th , Rose HB: 0-563-48652-X  
Sting of the Zygons Stephen Cole  Apr 07
10th , Martha HB: 1-546-07225-5  
The Last Dodo Jacqueline Rayner  Apr 07
10th , Martha HB: 1-846-07224-7  
Wooden Heart Martin Day Apr 07
10th , Martha HB: 1-846-07224-7  
Forever Autumn Mark Morris Sep 07
10th , Martha HB: 1-846-607270-3  
Sick Building Paul Magrs Sep 07
10th , Martha HB: 1-846-07269-1  
Wetworld Mark Michalowski Sep 07
10th , Martha HB: 978-1-8460-7271-0  
Wishing Well Trevor Baxendale  Dec 07
10th , Martha PB: 978-1-8460-7348-9  
The Pirate Loop Simon Guerrier  Dec 07
10th , Martha HB: 978-1-8460-7347-2
PB: 978-1-846-07597-1
Peacemaker James Swallow  Dec 07
10th , Martha HB: 978-1-8460-7349-6
PB: 978-1-846-07631-2
Martha in the Mirror Justin Richards Apr 08
10th , Martha HB: 978-1-846-07420-2  
Snowglobe 7 Mike Tucker Apr 08
10th , Martha HB: 978-1-846-07421-9  
The Many Hands Dale Smith  Apr 08
10th , Martha HB: 978-1-846-07422-6  
Ghosts of India Mark Morris  Sep 08
10th , Donna HB: 1-846-07422-3  
Shining Darkness Mark Michalowski Sep 08
10th , Donna HB: 1-846-07557-2  
The Doctor Trap Simon Messingham  Sep 08
10th , Donna HB: 1-846-07558-0 ****

This book embodies the meaning of "Plot Twists", I think there is one in every chapter, just when you have one sussed out, there's another two.
This book was a very compelling read, it should have been longer, and why it's only getting a 4 star rating, it seams a little clipped in parts, but truly mullers your head.
Read this book, it is one of the good one's, but don't think too deeply into the plot, just enjoy the ride, cos it's very well worth it! ^_^

The Story of Martha Dan Abnett  Jan 09 
Martha ,10th HB: 978-1-846-07561-2  
Beautiful Chaos Gary Russell  Jan 09
10th , Donna , Wilf Mott , Sylvia HB: 978-1-846-07563-6 *

Sadly, I didn't enjoy this book much at all, I kept feeling like I was missing the plot that wasn't there, then bit's of the story that started out important just get thrown away with very little relevance by the end. The only nice bit was with Donna's family, and the adventure around with Wilf was good, but still, the story just never seems to come together with much sense. Kids might enjoy this book, but maybe not for a more adult market >_< This book seemed to have been cut to ribbons by a very bad blind editor tbh, not recommended.

The Eyeless Lance Parkin  Jan 09
10th HB: 978-1-846-07562-9 *****

OMG, Loved this book, enjoyed every page, this was almost like reading a fanfiction, and would make a great episode/film!
I'm not too fussed about companions other than Donna, and reading this was great! it was also nice seeing the Doctor's darker side!
Hugely recommend this to anyone who wants a good read of something different ^_^

Judgement of the Judoon Colin Brake  Apr 09
10th HB: 1-846-07639-8  
The Slitheen Excursion Simon Guerrier Apr 09
10th HB: 1-846-07640-4  
Prisoner of the Daleks Trevor Baxendale Apr 09
10th HB: 978-1-846-07641-1 *****

This is a great read, it just keep's skipping along with the action and thrills, and just when you wondering who's the prisoner, your wondering how the hell they are gonna get out of it, there is a little bit where the story feels a bit weak, but then you just dont care as it pick's up again and your off again.
This is one I'll defiantly be reading again! very well written with believable characters who you actually give a toss about :P Go get!!!

The Taking of Chelsea 426 David Llewellyn Sep 09
10th HB: 1-846-07758-3  
Autonomy Daniel Blythe  Sep 09
10th HB: 1-846-07759-1  
The Krillitane Storm Christopher Cooper  Sep 09
10th HB: 1-846-07761-3  


Doctor Who the Boxset Multiple Authors  
10th , Martha    

Contains the books - Peacemaker, Wishing Well, The Pirate Loop, Revenge of the Judoon. All book are Paper back the one book is a thin Quick Read.
I bought this in Tecos for 3.00, but the only other place I can find it is on ebay.

The Doctor Who Collection

Multiple Authors  
9th , 10th , Rose , 1-846-07310-3  
10 Book Set Contains the Books - The Nightmare of Black Island, Resurrection Casket, Feast of the Drowned, Stone Rose, Stealers of Dreams, Only Human, Deviant Strain, Winner Takes All, Monsters Inside, Clockwise Man.
  9th, Rose
9th, Rose, Jack
10th, Rose
10th, Martha
10th, Donna
10th alone


Christopher Cooper

Colin Brake
  The Price of Paradise
  Judgement of the Judoon
Dan Abnett
Daniel Blythe
David Llewellyn
Gareth Roberts
Gary Russell
Jacqueline Rayner
  Winner Takes All
  The Stone Rose
  The Last Dodo
James Swallow
Justin Richards
  The Clockwise Man
  The Deviant Strain
  The Resurrection Casket
  Martha in the Mirror
Lance Parkin 
Mark Michalowski
  Shining Darkness
Mark Morris
  Forever Autumn
  Ghost of India
Martin Day
Mike Tucker
  Nightmare of Black Island

Snowglobe 7

Paul Magrs
Simon Guerrier
  The Pirate Loop
  The Slitheen Excursion
Simon Messingham
Stephen Cole
  The Monsters Inside
  The Feast of the Drowned
  The Art of Destruction
  Sting of the Zygons
Steve Lyons
Trevor Baxendale
  Wishing Well
  Prisoner of the Daleks