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A collection of all the fact and fun books out there.
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Information & Facts:

The Time Traveller's Almanac Steve Tribe 192 pages
  HB: 978-1-846-07572-8 Sep 2008

This is a great book! Doctor Who in a liner timeline, it mostly covers the 10th Doctor, but sometimes skips into other's. Also has tones of facts and techno babble!

Doctor Who Encyclopaedia

Gary Russell 192 pages
  HB -978-1846072918 Oct 2007

Visual Dictionary

HB - 978-1405318679 72 pages
    May 2007

This is the original release

Visual Dictionary HB - 978-0756651565 112 pages
    May 2009

Updated and Expanded version

Torchwood: The Official Magazine Yearbook

96 pages
  HB - 978-1845769369 Aug 2008

Fact Files:

Companions and Allies

Steve Tribe 96 pages
  PB - 978-1846077494 April 2009
Monsters and Villains Justin Richards 96 pages
   PB - 978-0563486329 May 2005

Aliens and Enemies

Justin Richards 96 pages
  PB - 978-0563486466 May 2006

Creatures and Demons

Justin Richards 96 pages
  PB - 978-1846072291 May 2007

Starships and Spacestations

Justin Richards 96 pages
   PB - 978-1846074233 May 2008

Activity, Make & Fun Books:

Activity Book HP - 978-1405902182 16 pages
    May 2006
The 10th Doctor Who activity book is bursting with codes to crack and puzzles to ponder over. Also contains 50 press-out character cards
Activity Collection PB - 978-1405903561 96 pages
    Jul 2007

Alien Armies Activity Book

Spiral bound 978-1405904926 16 pages
  May 2009
Join the Doctor in his battle against them by completing the activities, or choose an army to join with the iron-on transfers.
Tattoo Activity Book Annabel Gibson 24 pages
  Spiral Bound 978-1405904070 Jul 2008

Space Travels

HB - 978-1405904285 32 pages
    Sep 2008
Pop up book
Time Travel HB - 978-1405903530 32 pages
    Oct 2007
Pop up book
Void Vision Activity Book Spiral Bound 978-1405903257 24 pages
    May 2007
Elements of the activities are hidden in the Void! Use your Void vision glasses to reveal the clues and complete the puzzles in this wonderful book that will be a must have for fans of The Doctor.
Time Lord In Training Justin Richards 16 pages
PB 978-1405903318 May 2007
Press out the card pieces to make your very own extendable sonic screwdriver and psychic paper
3-D Model Making Kit HB 978-1405902786 24 pages
    Oct 2006
TARDIS Model Making Kit HB - 978-1405903493 24 pages
    Oct 2007
Make your own TARDIS and Control Room!
This looks dinky, and if I had the room I would sooo want to make one!
Pop Up Dalek Model Kit HB - 978-1405904261 16 pages
    Sep 2008

Sticker Books:

Mini Sticker Book PB 978-1405903271 64 pages
    May 2007
This visual guide to the first two series of Doctor Who contains 200 mini stickers of all your favourite characters and aliens.  
Mini Monsters Sticker Book Moray Laing 64 pages
  PB - 978-1405904254 May 2008
Regeneration Sticker Guide Jacqueline Rayner 8 pages
  Spiral bound 978-1405902410 May 2006
Glow in the Dark Monsters Sticker Guide 8 pages
Moray Laing Spiral bound 978-1405903264 May 2007
This Glow in the Dark Sticker Guide includes fun facts on all your favourite monsters and scariest aliens from series one, two and three of Doctor Who. Comes with 4 pages of spooky glowing stickers.
A Tale of Two Time Lords Sticker Guide 16 pages
Jacqueline Raynor Spiral bound 978-1405904063 May 2008

Children of Time Sticker Poster Book

8 pages
  Spiral bound 978-1405904933 May 2009

Comic Books / Illustrated GN's:

The Forgotten

  144 pages
Tony Lee, Kelly Yates, Pia Guerra PB - 978-1600103964 April 2009


Doctor Who Nick Roche, Gary Russell 124 pages
  PB - 978-1600101960  

The Betrothal of Sontar

Gareth Roberts 180 pages
PB - 978-1905239900 Oct 2008
 Alternative cover
The Dalek Project Justin Richards 96 pages
  PB - 978-1846077555 Oct 2009

Top Trumps books:

Series 1 & 2 Moray Laing 189 pages
  PB: 978-1844254279 Dec 2006
Series 3 Moray Laing 189 pages
  PB - 978-1844254880 Nov 2007
This is a great little books, stuffed full of images and little facts, it's a great little thing.
Series 4 Moray Laing 192 pages
  PB - 978-1844256433 Nov 2008

Quiz Books:

Quiz Book 1
Leanne Gill, Stephen Cole
96 pages
  PB - 9781405901482 10/2005
Quiz Book 2 PB - 978-1405902311 96 pages
    Oct 2006
Quiz Book 3 PB - 978-1405903547 96 pages
    Oct 2007
Quiz Book 4 PB - 978-1405904452 96 pages
    Sep 2008

Doctor Who Bumper Quiz Book

PB - 9781405905282 96 pages
This book is Exclusive to Waterstones


Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale

512 pages
Russell T. Davies & Benjamin Cook HB - 978-1846075711 Sep 2008
The closest I've come to this book, was holding a signed copy where the ink was hardly dry, and was for one of my boss's kids /sigh...

Anything Goes: John Barrowman

256 pages
John Barrowman & Carole E. Barrowman PB - 978-1843173335 Jan 2009

This was a great and fun read, enjoyed every second, but then I am a John fan and terribly nosy :P

I am What I am

HB - 978-1843173793 256 pages
John Barrowman & Carole E. Barrowman   Oct 2009
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