The Darksmith Legacy Series

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A collection of Children's books. All paperback.

The Darksmith Legacy:

The Dust of Ages   The Graves of Mordane

Book. 1 Book. 2
Justin Richards Colin Brake
PB: 1-405-90513-1 PB: 1-405-90514-X
The Colour of Darkness   The Depths of Despair
Book. 3 Book. 4
Richard Dungworth Justin Richards
PB: 1-405-90515-8 PB: 1-405-90516-6
The Vampire of Paris   The Game of Death
Book. 5 Book. 6
Stephen Cole Trevor Baxendale
PB: 1-405-90517-4 PB: 1-405-90518-2
The Planet of Oblivion   The Pictures of Emptiness
Book. 7 Book. 8
Justin Richards Jacqueline Rayner
PB: 1-405-90519-0 PB: 1-405-90520-4
The Art of War   The End of Time
Book. 9 Book. 10
Mike Tucker Justin Richards
PB: 1-405-90521-2 PB: 1-405-90522-0
Justin Richards
  The Dust of Ages
  The Depths of Despair
  The Planet of Oblivion
  The End of Time
Colin Barke
Richard Dungworth
Stephen Cole
Trevor Baxendale
Jacqueline Rayner
Mike Tucker