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This was one of the 1st banners I ever made for my fan site.
It stops at the end of it's cycle to act as a proper banner.

To see it again, Click Here.

Aberdeen City Council

This was made for touch screens in Aberdeen.
To see full size & Proper quality,
Click Here.
Bohra Naono Banners

The old and new banners for my Bohra Naono. Still in use.
They stop at the end of their cycle to act as proper image banners.

To see them again, Click Here.

Email Wait Logo

Crated for Aberdeen touch screen public email service.

This was for the site, JukeboxHeaven.com

Created originally as a gif, I eventually made it into a Flash, because the load time was to much as a gif.

To see this version alone, with it's original .gif format,

Click Here.

The Face
This was for a touch screen public interface. Never used.

I used photos of a colleague to makes the original images.
Unfortunately with a lack of time I was never able to get the mouth to sync up with the voice track >_<.

But it was fun to to! and the voice track is me :S trying to sound posh, and failing ^_^

Press the PUSH button, to make it play.