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  Photo Nip's & Clean
Before / Original Scan After / Finished

This is a small collection of photo manipulation I've done for people.

The first 4 are old battered photos that I was asked to try and fix, they were small scanned images.

The others were for Public DataWeb for promotional images or Press Releases.


All photo manipulations were created using Paint Shop Pro 7... but can be done with Photoshop. 

















These were taken from a few different cameras. some of the older one's were with my ancient Zenit SLR film (that was made in the USSR and weighs the same as a small elephant and comes in a hardened leather case) then scanned in on my failing scanner, so they are a little grainy and streaky >_<... the rest were with my Digital Pentax Optio, or Sony Cybershot.


This is a strange little collection where I've been playing about or saw something that I just thought looked cool at the time.

The 1st one is of a wood fire, I thought it was a colour film in my camera, but it was B&W, the colour processing made them come out all sepia (I have more below)




Sorry about the poor quality of some, but again my scanner was on the blink >_<

Castles & Abbes
There are about five locations here, and on every day it was raining cats and dogs >_< or looked really miserable, still it was great fun and kept people away so I could take some great photos ^_^


Random Buildings
These are just random building from all over, taken because they just caught my eye and looked a little atmospheric.



The Rainbows were from my bedroom window and I thought they looked cool ^_~

Churches & Graveyards
I really love old churches and graveyards.

Most of these were taken on my SLR and they haven't scanned in to well sadly. >_<

I do have loads more but these are a selection of just a few. 

These were taken for their composition or atmospheric nature.

The ones at the bottom were of the Grand canyon or Nevada, I was fascinated by the strange landscape. 

Snowy days & Nights
I always love the way snow covers trees during the day or night.
I forgot what caves these were in, but never been in many caves, so some of the pools fascinated me!
Like anyone, I love taking photos of my pets, these were some I caught that looked arty... or just plain funny ^_^
These were taken after I did some shots for Acers Boutique, where I was playing around with some lighting...

I don't have proper lamps, so they are a little yellow :S... but it was fun ^_^ 

These were taken for my mothers Obitsu Doll Outfits that we sell together. Just a small collection.

Acer's Boutique