Art Work

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Life Drawing
The top 3 are some of my most favourite work's I did at uni, coloured paper with chalk and charcoal.

My Life drawing has been compared with Picasso (before he got abstract) and has also been labelled Unique (even if it always lost me marks at uni :S)

For some reason a lot of my uni Life Drawing was stolen, this is about all I have left :S

Large Pastel Works
These are all A1 sized pieces,

The 1st one is the bottom right hand side of 'The School of Athens' by Raphael. I'd never done abstract before, so this was kinda fun ^_^


Pastel Sketches
Pastel's and chalks are one of my favourite mediums. I always love the finish you can create with them.
Also I think I just like to get mucky in a non wet way.
It's about the only medium I like to work in colour with, but mostly I just love black and white images.
I love painting, though I wish I had more time and space to do more, and I also wish I was better at it ^_^

My philosophy for painting isn't so much the subject matter, as it's all about the love of getting messy and getting my self covered in paint :P so the backgrounds are always the most fun to do.
The Red painting is still a favourite because it's great to run your hands over it feeling the bumps of the huge amount of paint it took to do :P

Print Making
These are from my college day's, I preferred working with a non solid colour ground because I thought it made it more interesting :P
These are all 2nd or 3rd printings as the ink's began to dry.
Pencil & Pen
Just some random images done for a variety of reasons. I really enjoy doing shading studies.
Large Pencil Work
A1 pieces, the 1st was a college project, the 2nd was just cos I wanted to draw it ^_^
Fan Art
Mostly Fan Art for CLAMP, RG Veda and X. I always loved the way they did the hair in their earlier works.

The Pokimon was done for a friend who hated the Anime, but I loved it at the time ^_^
And the Goku from DBZ was done for Vern, cos he's a HUGE fan :P

Just some random sillyness I doodled at some point or other ^_^