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  Dragon Bane  
This is my little Icon for my site

I did make one that blinks, it's in the Graphics section under Gif's



Because I don't like to use photos for stuff, I use the 1st image here :P
The rest are a little old :P
Site Xmas Cards
I did these for Bane-Huntress.com, most of them feature Rand & Oran :P
Pen & Pencil
These were done for other people, for Christmas or birthday's.
Angel CG colouring
Just a bit of fun with fills and CG shading.

(The file was so large my pc kept crashing, but it was a few years ago :P)

Quick sketches
Did these while waiting for things to load, or the internet to start working again :P
Some more...
Just some more sketches when I probably should have been doing other things :P

I've done many Tattoo's for people, but this is the only one I managed to keep a copy of, even thought this version isn't finished :S
They Tattoo artist just wanted the outline, so I never shaded it in.
I hope Vicky is still happy with it :P
Ball Point Pen
More quick sketches done mostly with a normal ball point spell.

Never give a sketcher different coloured pens :P

Random pretties
Just some pretty things I did.
Line Sketches
These are just some line sketches, of original chara, or body postures adapted to my own style. there are also a few original characters.
Free Meal Deal  

These were postcard sized images, done for a friends mother when I was at uni because she cooked up a full Sunday dinner... well worth it! Yum ^_^
Rand & Oran
Just a few of my original Chara, Rand & Oran.
Chibbi time!
These are a few chibbi's I did for some old friends and myself, just a bit of fun ^_^
Sketch & Finish
The far right was a charcoal sketch where I was playing about, eventually led to the image on the left.
How To

This was for a step by step guide to how I didnt my artwork.
This was for an original story I was writing and couldn't get the chara down, so did this to make it clear in my head ^_^ just scanned it as I was going.
More studies
Did this for my main page a while ago, just the workings and the finished inked image. No clean up edit.