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These were done for a friend, for a wildlife projects.
I believe the first two are being used by the collage.


  Logos & Symbols   
The 1st was the old Public DataWeb logo.

The other two were for a sticker for touchscreen kiosks.


  Fancy Dress Ball
These were for an online fancy dress company with a 'Wild West' theme. Main site image with matching top banner images.


For a local Toy Shop,
Top and side banner with a magazine advertisement.


  Original graphics
Just some playing about graphics.


  Button images
  Kiosk mock-ups
These are a various selection of original and edited kiosk idea's.
All images were done with PainShop Pro7, and all done in an hour or two because of very tight deadlines.
  Touch Screen Interface
This is just a very small selection of Touch screen interfaces I had to design for menu pages.
These were implemented in Sheffield.

This was a funny card I did for my mum, using photos of our cats at the time :P,
to be viewed in sequence.

These are a set of Cards I made for friends and family over the years.
Some of the images and patterns were obtained by google and heavily edited.
  Site Banners & Logos

Other Fan Edits for Kazuya Minekura's Works, can be found here
This is the banner for my Dr Who fan site.
On the right is the background for the site created by scratch.

This is my main Anime/Manga fan site banner.
Below is a selection of Logos for my various Fan CLAMP pages.
These are just a few banners I've created of other people art for my various websites.
  Forum Banners

This is a before and after image of the banners I use in the game of WoW.
The dragon is my personal icon with just a blink.
2nd if a bit of fun I did a long time ago :S
3rd was for a 'wait' logo for something at work.