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Finally I've found the time to give Rand & Oran their own pad in my site, This is for my manga's of them and anything else that I can think of to do with them!  I hope that anyone that comes here enjoys themselves and feedback is always welcome. So kick back and have fun! ^_~ Yours Bane Huntress


Last Updated 1, April, 2008


The Rand & Oran Manga's

These manga's go in some kind of order :), warning the first few are really bad, to save time just go to the last one ^_~
  Assassins Part 1     Just One Night?
:: 1997 :: Introducing Rand & Oran as assassins who are given a rather bizarre mission to complete where the plot is set and surprises are abound.
[All penned in, plus bad cross hatching ^_^]
:: 1998 :: {Warning; kissing}  The first non Assassin manga to be made. We have Rand trying to coax a kiss from Oran.   [pen outline, flood fill shading]
  Assassins Part 2   Sweet and Sour TV
:: 1998 :: We find out a bit about who Sir is and his relationship to Oran... [Pen out-line then grey-scale CG'd, & pencil shading]
:: BAD scan of printout after loosing the original copies ::
:: 2001 ::  {warning; kissing}   Oran just watched a sad romantic film and he needs a bit of consoling of our favourite Assassin ^_^. One of my favourites!
[pen line with all pencil shading, only slight CG]
  Rand & Oran meet Bane   Rand's Naughty Thoughts.
:: 2001 :: {Warning; stupid} Rand's teasing Oran again when Bane comes to call.
[Pen line, some pencil shading and heavy CG shading]
:: 2002 :: {WARNING; Yaoi}  Rand shows us a few points on how to seduce a sleeping Oran when things get a little to carried away ^_^
[Pen line complete CG shading, best to date]
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