These are Edits
Done by yours truly




Good guys, Bad guys, it's all mixed up and confusing ^_^

These are edits I have done over the course of doing this site. Most of these were done because they were calling out for it, or just to make cool looking Wallpapers ^_^
So if you would like to see more I didnt see fit to put here. Saiyuki Wallpapers.

PS: sorry... most of these are Hakkai/Gojyo... I just cant help myself ^_~

PSS: the sad thing about editing images is to make them look NOT edited... which is kinda sad, cos then it looks like it took no time at all, when in fact it can rob hours of your life to get it 'just right'. I guess I was kinda lucky my job sometimes forces me to hone my skills, just wish I could find another full time job where I could spend all day doing the same thing ^_^


On with the Edits ^_^

Write Up Bane's Crappy Edits

Original Images

Hakkai / Gojyo

This was screaming at me to be done since I got Salty Dog 5, so I finally scanned it in.
Took about 3 hours (including the art prog crash >_<) lots of cutting, layering and a lot of imagination to create Gojyo a shirt cuff that wasn't in the original, I wanted it more in the picture, gods bless a 'clone' tool ^_^

Hakkai / Gojyo (Join Us?)

Did this for a wallpaper, I original wanted it mirrored, but that wouldn't work. so it got a bit more boring :P
Gojyo's lost his antenna, I wasn't going to draw them in, also had to do a little edit on his hair that wasn't in the original.
Couldn't help doing this one, tweaks all my kink buttons ^_^


Kubota / Tokito

This was original for my WA/Araiso site banner, original from the 1st & 2nd manga covers of WA.
I had to edit out the whole background and then remake it, took a long time to then splice the two images together so they held hands. then lots of layers to sort out the barbd wire to intertwine with the trellising. even though it's old, I'm still rather proud of it  ^_^


Hakkai & Ivy

This was a quick edit for a wallpaper, I just wish the ivy background matched in with Minekura's original artwork... but still, when I saw this image, it was begging me to do it ^_^


Tenpo / Kenren

This was just a quick edit, I had to resize Kenren's image to mach Tenpo that cause a few moment of truble, but it worked in the end with eye lines ^_^   -   -   Disclaimer