Updated May 2015

I finally got round to making this gallery bigger... I would still love to see more of this Artist (and I say that in the highest regards) because her work really turns me on, & if she ever showed in the UK I would move heaven and earth to go see it!
Anyhow, less of my gushing... most of this work is from the 'Castalvania' games along with her other miscellanies work.
so sit back and enjoy ^_^


These are the first 2 images I found! Just love the first one!

Colour images.






Castalvania Covers:

Black & White images:


Dracula-X / Nocturne in the Moonlight Manga
I scanned these for someone who wanted to translate them but I've heard nothing back *sigh* so here ya are. the entire manga that's in the small artbook...



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