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I am now posting my Fanfiction off site at
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NCIS - Cats out the bag


Well, Here we are, this is my page
for my Slash / Yaoi FanFiction!
I only post completed fict's now, cos
I'm terrible when it comes to updating :P

Name: & Pairing: Chapters: Synopsis:
 Doctor Who / Torchwood I only write Dr 10th / Jack ^_^ cos they are so much fun to write, in a universe where anything in possible, how can anyone not be inspired by them!


 If the Winds in the Right Direction - Archive of our own
10 Chapters Dr 10th / Jack
Mpreg (Jack) / H/C Emotional / H/C Physical, Angst / Separation / Parallel Universe,
Word Count:
Synopsis: P1 = One immortal, bring together with one Doctor, mix in some angst and Mpreg, Separate and roast over a slow fire before rapping it all up and serving with a sweet tea ^_~
Synopsis: P2 = One confused TW team, one fecked TARDIS, a few rose petals, some Doctor’s with a dash of Jack slash, finally brought to the boil with some Mpreg, Serve with some eye strain and wine.
 The Making of Ours - Archive of our own
3 Chapters Dr 10th / Jack
Mpreg (implied cos theses a kid) / HC Emotional, Seperation,
Synopsis: What happen to Jack on the Valiant? And a Doctor who has to face that little voice of being honest with himself. And sorry, but it's more Mpreg ^_^
 He's Not Wrong? - Archive of our own
One Shot Dr 10th / Jack
Drival / H/C Emotional / might be cannon :P
Word count: 3,978

?/i>Synopsis: He just feels w…”

“You say that and so help me I’m going to find a way to become corporeal and slap you!? Donna shouted. And he was slightly worried she just might.

 Stargate - SG1 / Atlantis I'm a huge SG fan :P (not SGU, that's pooie) so, err, I have a few more stories that need finishing, Sorry there are only 2 so far :S
 Best Drink I Ever Had! - [Atlantis] - Archive of our own
One Shot McShep - John / Rodney
Alien Hooch, HC, Separation, Bonding, Visit to Earth, Family (Jeannie), Post-Series, First time,
Word count: 41,000

Alien hooch made him do it, the SGA way.

John should have listened to Teyla and not accepted drinks from little old alien ladies. Jennifer couldn’t agree more as John makes a bee line for Rodney.

 The Descent - [Atlantis] - Archive of our own
One Shot McShep - John / Rodney
HC, Angst, After series, Migraine, Hypoglycaemia, Sap, Stuck, Mostly Sam PoV,

Word count: 16,159

The guys and Sam get stuck underground with no means of escape, with little food they must wait for the Daedalus, only it’s late, very late, and times running out for McKay.
 Here - [SG1]
One Shot Jack / Daniel
v old :S
Jack's last words as he walked through the Stargate with the crystal Charlie, and where and who will be leaving them lights on for him?... Sad and sappy sorry people >_<
 Cat's Out The Bag - NEW  - Archive of our own
15 Chapters Tibbs - Gibbs / DiNozzo
Epic, HC Emotional, HC Physical, MPreg, AU, Tony-Cat, Separation, First time, Set in 2nd series,
Word count: 0
Tony isn't all he appears to be and he really should have told Gibbs.
So as he's found out, Tony think's his life will be ripped apart, forced to run and hide form everyone. But Gibbs steps in and shows Tony what he thought he never wanted.
Set in a AU where a small amount of people can turn into large cats 'Shifters'.
 Boxed Out
One Shot Tibbs - Gibbs / DiNozzo
HC, Reaction Fict, First time, Angst.

Word count: 6900

Reaction fict to 'Boxed In'. Tony decided enough's enough and it's time he left NCIS. What will Gibbs do to loosing his best agent when he's sick?
 Yu Yu Hakusho I love this Anime and Hiei / Kurama have always fascinated me, even though there is a 11 years gap between ficts :P oops I'm lazy :P
 More Than Partners  - Archive of our own
6 Chapters
Print version (.rtf)
Hiei / Kurama
KW: HC emotional/physical, MPreg, Established relationship, M/M, Slash, Angst, Marriage, Bonding, Kids, Family, Drama, Tournaments, Fights, Sexy bits, Romance?,
Word count:
Hiei and Kurama have been "partners" for years, Then Yusuke finds out just what that word means to two youkai. This is just an epic on how strange 'domestic' can be to the ex-team. So, how do two male youkai have kids? read and find out. All toped off with a tournament and some Kurama whumping!
End side bonus stories A bunch of short stories inspired by writing the main fict :P
 East Meets West
01 Siren
02 Recovery
03 Revelation of the Tenchi
04 Reaching Thy Pitying Hands
05 Farewell of the Innocence
06 Passing Sorrow's
07 Be gone spirit of Mind
08 Take heed of poison's word
09 Coming Together
10 Conclusion!

Hiei / Kurama

Written in 1999, sorry for crappiness :S

Other pairings: Yusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina

H/C emotional, HC Physical, angst, implied chara death

This was written from other peoples fanfiction at the time, because the anime and manga were not translated at the time. So sorry if it's a little strange and I have some things a little wrong from cannon :P I only edited a few things.
 Kurama & Hiei Meet Bane
The Art Student
The EX-Art Student
Hiei / Kurama
Written in 1999, Re-edited 2012
These FanFiction are some of the first I ever did, so they are pretty strange :P
 Vampire Chronicles / IwtV I loved IwtV, and these are just me playing between the lines with these great chara ^_^
 The Unwritten Records - One Shots
  Lestat / Louis
These are stand alone stories, but they all seemed to follow each other eventually, kinda... ok maybe not, but it does... err.
Fledgling David & Merric are leaving Lestat, will Louis Join them?
A Night Of Bloody Tears Louis is missing and Lestat has to pull the coven together to find him.
Explaining Louis Lestat explains Louis charm and mystique to David before Louis turns up.
A Vampires Night Out Lestat and David decide to take Louis out for the night
"The Travesty" This is the coven watching the 'QotD' the movie... ^_^, nuff said.
I will Always... A little kinda song fict that isnt... ah just read.
The Future A Little dabble into the future, will Lestat reconcile with Louis?
 Beyond Understanding
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Lestat / Louis
HC, Paranormal, Angst, Coven,
Louis find's David fiddling with the paranormal in the flat where they live with Lestat. When things go wrong, Louis is the one who pays. Lestat rescues his most beloved fledgling, but is he to late? and what ghosts caused the trauma?
 Vampire Killer Convention - Cross Over ficts
  Lestat / Louis
Cross Over / Silly
Vampire Killers Convention Blade / Buffy - Couldn't help myself, Not for Buffy lovers ^_~ oop
Ow Gods. Again? VKC part 2 Lost Boys - Same again, just with more boys ^_^
One Shot Conner / Louis
Cross Over - Highlander / Kissing / Silly
Highlander - This is what happens when two different kinds of Immortal meet each other over a drink.
 Down on Blackwood Farm
One Shot Lestat / Louis
Silly / Reactionary Poem
Did this before the book of the same name came out. It's just something very short and silly.
 Harry Potter Like who's not written one? ^_^ I have more, I just have to finish them >_<
 No Pain
One Shot Sirius / Remus
Character death
This is just a little reactionary post for the end of 'OotP', and Sorry it's a Death Fict
 Gorgeous Caret
 Growing Up
One Shot Noir / Florian
HC, First time,
I love this manga so much and got inspired by Danielle to write this. This is just a little ditty about Noir finally coming of age and getting it on with Florian. Original story by You Higuri.
 Original Stories
 For the Love of Angels
Kiron / Teerina UNFINISHED This series is unfinished, waiting for a re-write. The story is about Angels & Demons finding love together, no matter the cost, Fantasy original story by Bane Huntress. Yaoi.

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O Dr 10th / Jack
Word count: 0
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