Yubisaki no Koi
                              aka : Fingertip's Love


I love this manga! It's about an old detective 'Maizuru Motoya' who, after some traumatic accident or other, finds he has telepathy/empathy, and when he touches anyone he can see their thoughts... The dark haired guy with the specs 'Nakagawa Toko' is his assistant. from the one scanlation that's been done, and what I can figure from the pretty pictures, it's about the case's they solve and the two main characters finding love... oww and with lots of hot sex! always a bonus...
I scanned all my favorite images, but some of the text is removed, why? I forgot :P... Enjoy!


Some of these images are very explicit, View at your own risk. The scanlations also contains graphic sex, and mushiness ^_^ Dont like? dont DL :P

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The old cover
By Super BBC
Printed 2001/7
The new cover
By Libre
Printed 2007/11
  Maizuru Motoya     
Nakagawa Toko  
Colour Images:
Title Pages & Under Cover:

These image are not the worst, hey I have a sit to keep running here... but they are the juiciest I could get away with ^_~ oww ya baby!
If you don't like 2 guys making love and having hot sex, then why didn't you read the other warnings? If you are a parent who finds their innocent little kiddies seeing this... then you should BE a Parent and monitor their internet access! any flam will be laughed at and deleted.
For those who like a little eye candy... yum yum yum! ^_~


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