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Temptation & Sentiment
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bambo Comics - 2008/8



7 short stories.
All the stories are stand alone, but they all kinda link in togethere...

For more information visit the main website for this manga's gallery ^_^


Harem Days
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Super BBC - 2008/2



5 short stories.
2 of the stories are doubles, with one being a special 52 page story.
Another astounding collection! and yet again just fantastic!


Happiness of Cowardly Boy

 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 2007



A collection of 5 short stories
there is a 2 part manga in this book, along with camios from other manga's in the book, all in all v nice and pretty weee :P

Skip along to my gallery for this manga ^_^


Yami ni Toubo e Mune ni Toge
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Super BBC / Biblos - 2006



This is a complete manga story about ghosts and demons and stuff... you can download the 1st volume, (in the translation box above) or skip along to my gallery for it ^_^

A Desire Boy
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 2006/01



A collection of 5 short stories
4 of which are sequels to each other

I cant be arssed to go over this again... skip along to this manga's gallery *winks* here


New - Just a new cover

Kimi ni Sasayaku Mirai
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Super BBC / Biblos - 2008/05



A collection of 5 short stories, these are all linked stories with the same characters thought out, very charming, I always love this manga ^_^

I cant be arssed to go over this again... skip along to this manga's gallery *winks* here

 Old Super BBC Cover




A Shameless Night
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 2004/12



A collection of 5 short stories

OMG! Tones of gorgeous guys getting on with guys... only this book isn't for everyone, there are very few 'young' guys in this.. oww no but lots of drool worthy older guys and a lot with lost limbs, cause this is something that I think Naono likes... and well no complaints here cause they are never in your face, hell half the time you don't even know...
What's going on? I have noooo idea ^_^ who cares? puuurrrrty Men!!! whoot
Oww... and there is a manga with a guy with a teddy bear fetish... dont ask, just get the manga :P


New Libre edition





Tamago no Hi
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Libre


Vol 1 - 9784862633606
Vol 2 - Not published
Vol 3 - Not published
Libre is re-releasing some old Biblos titles, and changing the covers, but it's the same book inside.

This is another series.. and WARNING! it's NOT Yaoi (gasps) though that's to be seen with two of the male character *smiles happily*

I cant say there is much story to go on (I cant understand Japanese) because with this one book the characters are still being filled in, thought there looks to be the starting of one hell of a fantasy story. I want to know about the odd scars on their chests, who's the fishy guy and why are his eyes covered, why can the main guy rip bit off himself to make weapons, how the hell did such a misbegotten group get together in the first place and what are they really doing... answers I would love for someone to tell me *sigh*

I have a gallery for these manga's, just click the linki ^_^

Old BIBLOS Covers




Covetous You & Insensible Me
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 2003/7



A collection of 7 short stories, though it's really only 3, 4 are (I think) all the same continued story

Two of these stories set in the here and now, have both been Scanlated by Shi-ran.
The other 4 stories follow the same two guys in some kind of samurai, warring Japan kind of plot line, it's a little strange, and I cant really follow it that well. but hell most of it's pretty, and really the first time that I've seen Bohra doing a old samurai story...



New - Just a new cover


Three Wolves Mountain
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Super BBC / BExBoy - 2003/7



This one isn't a compilation of stories "yaaay"

This is a tail of two werewolf brothers having to find their own way in the world and literally jumping a tall silent guy who happens to be the caretaker of a graveyard when he's not serving tea to a lot of old people, so when he's not carrying plates of cake he's wandering through his graveyard with knives.
Susugi for some reason let's the brothers stay and work with him, how ever much he says he hates it. Jirou the younger of the two brothers has odd coloured eyes that most people don't like, and when it's a full moon he get's cute ears and a tail, he also has the ability to heal wounds with his salver. Tarou the older brother always looks like a wolf who can talk, but when the moon is out he get's a human body and look rather hot (in a strange way) in Susugi's borrowed clothes...
This is a great little tail, about warming a cold heart, acceptance, family, love with tones of really strange and kinky sex... and I almost forgot, stabbing.

This is well worth getting! it's just to cute :P

Old Super BBC Cover



I Don't Wanna Hold On You
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 2002/5



Collection of 7 Short Stories, published 2002.
This one I think is the better Boura Naono collection, It's got Secret Knife in it ^_^


New - Just a new cover

Yubisaki no Koi - aka: Fingertip's Love
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Super BBC / BExBoy



This manga is based on the same two chara from beginning to end... published 2001
From what I can gather they are two Detectives (privet or otherwise I have no idea) But the blond one in the pic <- has some kind of empathic/precognitive ability when ever he touches someone. the dark haired one with the specs I have no idea about other than he keeps trying to get into the blonds pants and succeeds with varying degrees of success...

Well that's all I know about this manga other than I like it :P

Old Super BBC Cover


A Bird in Dream
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 2000/5



Collection of 5 Short Stories, published 2000.

There is only one story that's been scanlated in this manga and it's a 2nd part, the first appears in 'I don't wanna hold on you' (The story with the older guy who takes the teen in to look after his baby girl) 


Wishing Our Happy Lucky Days
 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 1999/5



Collection of 7 Short Stories, published 1999.

Reviews coming shortly


Arrested Man

 Artist/writer:  Bohra Naono  Publisher? Bamboo Comics - 1997/12



A Collection of 7 single shot stories, printed 1997.

This is some of Naono's earlier works, but not like you can tell, 

Reviews coming shortly

Other book's with Bohra Naono in:
I only have the B-Boy Luv & Zip & GOLD series' of books with Naono's titles in... there are more earlier series of B-Boy and other Anthologies... 
    I just dont know them all!








Disclaimer - Bohra Naono -