Finally the word of Bohra Naono is getting out! and finally I could make a descent attempt at a links page! so here are some of the best links I could fine! have fun looking up others pages ^_^

Bohra Naono Links

Official Bohra Naono & Naomi Wartari page
[these two normally do scanlations together]
Artist Info page Info about Bohra Naono ^_^
Scanlation Hosts
The English scanlation database
GO GO! this is a site FULL of Naono scanlations! OMG I love this site!
Manganews scanlation archive More of the same, but without the personal touch.
Bohar Naono LJ I'm in this one :P
Bohra Naono Fanlisting thing umm, someone might like this link.
Where to Buy
JPQueen This is my 1st stop for getting Japanese Yaoi, they use Boura Naono They gone and put their P&P up, so I don't recommend right now
United Publication English Publication's of Bohra Naono (only 1 right now >_<) UK site
Link to me
If ya wana link to me then use these banners, you can hotlink if you wish (if it works).

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