A Shameless Night
  This book is kind of a mix of good and bad, the bad bit's I dont much care for, the good bit's soooo out weigh the bad it's forgivable ^_^.
I would love to see this manga in English, if only for the 2nd and 4th story!
  Violence, M/M Mushis and yaoi sex galore, don't like or don't know what it is, then please leave more bandwidth for those that do ^_^  
  Story 1:    
    This is a cute little story... umm but it goes against my grain and peeks my prudishness, sorry :P so only 2 images.
This story had been scanlated, go look at my links page!
  Story 2:
Tehe, I Love this story. It's about a vet (the long haired guy) who ran away from the cop (the older guy) and the older guy got, caught under a truck saving him, so is not a paraplegic... So anyway lots of misunderstandings and coming togethers, Injury, carrying, H/C and hot sex!
Warning: The Last two images here are graphic! you have been warned...
  Story 3:  
  This one is about a guy who likes his teddy bears, and well ya understand why.
But I would love to wake up to what he find's in his bed one morning after a heavy night's drinking! ^_^
This doesn't carry a warning cos I'm not terribly sure it's non-con or not, well it ends out all good and mushy and not forgetting sticky by the end ^_~
Story 4:
Oww, some office yaoi, always nice now and then... This is about a shy guy who gets molested by just about everyone at the office and out, anyway, he really is a cute uki! weee :P
Warning: Non-con (kinda), violence and lots of consensual sex ^_~


  Story 5:
Umm... ya this one is confusing, and even though it's got a happy ending, I couldn't find any pages that weren't a little strange... also peeks my prudishness a little... go buy the book and make your own minds about his story ^_^

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