Yami ni Touboe Mune ni Toge

  It SO makes sense now! To Download the 1st manga in this series click HERE - Please download it to you computer and save my bandwidth!
I originally got these scans from releases of Be-Boy magazines, but since then it has been released as a whole manga.
The long black haired guy is human, and everyone else in the manga is some form of demon/ghost/animal/something and they all run around being scary and trying to get off with each other... so all's good ^_^... Just read the Scanlation above and it will make more sense :P
If you didn't know by now... we have drawn guys having sex with other guys, ya don't like that? then sod off... pun intended ^_^
  Part 1  
There is a Scanlation for this HERE
Part 2 - Scanned from Boy Luv 12
Part 3
Umm... I'll get round to scanning in something soon... ish... maybe :P
Part 4 - scanned from Boy Gold 12/2005
Part 5 - Scanned from Boy Gold 2/2006

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