Three Wolf Mountain


This manga has been released into English!

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Ahh... this is one of Naono's first full length manga's, but so far, it's only a one shot. me for one is happy to see it that way, any more I think would just spoil it... tehe but who am I kidding, I would love to see Susugi & Jirou doing it again, in all it's graphic detail *grins happily* 
If you want Info on the Manga? go to my Manga's Reviews page ^_~ I'm to lazy to put it in twice!

This book has been reprinted by Libre, so they have changed the covers, they are still the same book, no matter what edition you get.

The old cover
By Super BBC
Printed 2003/7

The new cover
By Libre
Printed 2007/11

Main Characters:



The quiet, violent type who guards a cemetery by night, serves tea by day, and shags a half werewolf by full moon.


Half werewolf with odd eyes, who likes a bit of ruff with Susugi when he's not happing make tea or angsting over something


Jirou's older brother who plays a guard dog when he's not wolfing out at full moon and nicking Susugi's clothes.
  Colour Gallery  
Colour images of all the title pages; collected from Shi-Ran or scanned by me (all in order of appearance)
These are here cause I REALLY hate getting a manga seeing all the pretty Black&White images that SHOULD be in colour... so here ya are :P


Aki Sasugi
      This is Susugi's older brother, who died & is a little weird! ^_~ 
       This is, umm, Tarou's Fiancé, weird? ya wana see their kids! SO CUTE!  
Some Cute ones I couldn't help but put in!
WARNING! or should I be saying HERE! HERE!...?

Yes, that's right my little Yaoi guppies! the male SEX bit! weee! well I'm not showing anything tooo risqué, cause 1) I wanna keep my site, and 2) leaves ya wanting to see the REALLY goooood bit *grins* and buy the book.


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