Temptation & Sentiment
  These are stand alone stories (almost) that all seem to link together one way or another, characters keep making guest appearances in the other titles, and it's all rather cute ^_^  
M/M Mushy - Angst - Teacher/student - Twins - yaoi sex galore, don't like or don't know what it is, then please leave more bandwidth for those that do ^_^
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    Story 1: Alluring Sentiment  
Teacher/Student, I like this one cos I'm always a sucker for older uki's ^_~, this one always has nice sexy sean's that I couldn't publish, lets hope some scanlaters get this one underway ^_^
Warning: Nothing to graphic, but there is images of M/M
  Story 2:
This has the twin of the Semi (above) falling in love with someone who looks surprisingly like the Teacher (above), only this time the twin is the Uki, a very cute story about grumpy old men getting some, tehe.
  Story 3: Mogura to Taiyou
This one always grates against my sensibilities, but I have read the scanlation, so it's ok enough, even if the Uki does look like a kid, but well the model is just so HOT I have more scans than I would normally for this kind of manga.
Anyhow, Uki is a HUG fan of the Model and saves the Model from getting beten up one day, then there is lots of misunderstanding cos the Model likes the Uki, he just cant quite believe it... ahhh if only Brad Pitt lived near me *dreams* tehe
  Story 4: Boku dake no Kimi
Love this manga! (tie in's with the manga above) the Model in this manga isnt my usual fancy, but he's just so sweet, and an Uki for his one and only love :P... ok so I'm a sucker for this kinda story too hehe... Anyhow, Model 'Mika' loved 'Taichirou' ever since he saved him as a kid. So Mika grew up to be a fit model who's a bit of a twat, unless Taichirou's involved... anyhow, after much angst and tormet, they both get a clue, and Mika find's out he's not a uki! weee not like he minds ^_~... This is another one that just specials me out ^_~
Warning: MUSHIS!! and a bit o climax in the last image here... hoo ya! O_O... dont like it? tough! *evil cackle*
  Story 5: An Angels Confession
'twing'  'tink'  'plink'.... "SNAP!".... ah... yup, this one broke my sensibilities *shudders* so, you get the opening page and one that didnt make me cringe too much >_<... this title has been scanlated, and I did sit through it and read it, but I blanked it from memory... This one's for all you shota-con freeks out there. but it is Bohra Naono, so I'll let her off these few manga's seen as she does so much more, also the rest of the book is worth it.
  Story 6:
I have nooooo idea what's going on in this manga, I've flicked though it a few times and it sill confuses me, which is strange for a Naono title, so until I get a scanlation I'm stumped ^_^ Enjopy anyways, it is shinny and involves 'Thongs'... so ya,,, enjoy ^_^
Story 7:
I think this part it be nothing but bonus material all jumbled together, there are more pages that I didnt scan, and seem to involve all the manga in the book... still pretty ^_^

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