Tamago no Hi


Oww, This should carry a warning just for being 'Straight', that's right guy's & galls... 
This manga has a girly in it, and she's not a fag-hag *shudders at the term*...
But all is not doom & Gloom! cause these two fellas to my right are, um, very close, so hope isn't all lost *grins* so you can guess who my faves are *evil wink* (nothing to do with the hair ^_~)

Anyhow... Tamago no Hi... is a fantasy baste story, so all good ^_^
what? you want to know more? then take up them Japanese lessons and translate it for me *giggles* I have no idea what is going on, I'm not even really sure about the characters names! 
but it looks REALLY cool, packed full of Naono's lovely costume design and magic and mutilation weehee! I'm in love with this story even if it's only one volume at the minute, but I'm sure more loveliness to come soon!

Main Characters:
Manga 1:

The Fly leaf cover

What's under the Fly Leaf ^_^

From the inside fly leaf
Manga 2:

The rest of the lovely images eh he... 
not many but those how can afford it, GET IT NOW, those who cant... well when ya can GET IT!



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