Naifu - Doujinshi Artbook


This is one of Bohra Naono's Doujinshi Artbooks kindly donated by Seraphim_Grace who ruined there book to send me these lovely scans ^_^
This is full of strange and wonderful images that any Naono fan will love!
All the scans are not included... why? cos I'm fickle that way, and well showing you
them all would mean you might not go out an buy this book ^_^ also, there isnt much
yaoi and some naked ladies that are just stunningly done!
Some of the double pages are a bit off and have gaps because I didnt have enough
time to edit them together... ^_^
PS: the name on this book is Bora Naono, and was in 1993 so it's most of her early work.


  Colour Images:  
Black & White:

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