Kimi ni Sasayaku Mirai

  This manga seems to have been about for ages, but the first 2 parts were scanlated ages ago, and I have the other's in Be-Boy... So I've been waiting for this little collection for some time. in total there are 5 stories in this book.

The Story:
Well I hate long review and the Spoilers will be HUGE, so if ya want to be surprised, don't read anymore. Renji (the blond) and Kazuki (black hair) were in high school together, but Kazuki died, but not without paying a nice visit to Renji, the first story ends with a much older Renji being confronted on the street with a 10 year old reincarnated Kazuya, much to his horror. The 2nd one we find out that Renji is working as the nurse in a high school, and a (short) 16 year old Kazuki keeps getting into scrapes for any excuse to spend with his reluctant lover ^_~. The 3rd and 4th one aren't translated, so I don't really know what's going on, Renki and (a taller) Kazuki are living together, and in the 3rd one I think Renji get's possessed by a demon that Kazuki and another guy must find... the last one totally skips away from our two favorite guys and brings in another hot old guy who seduces the lad from the 3rd one... all very confusing and involves other universes.. but who cares, the story is heart warming about love even surpassing death... and not forgetting all that HOT sex! *purrs* 
Please remember this site holds images of M/M - Yaoi images... if ya don't like it? bugger of ya weirdo!... the normally people, GET LOOKING!!! *shove shove* go go!
  Renji & Kazuki and their path though history  
The High School boys being happy
Vol 1
Reincarnated Kazuki
age 10
Vol 1
Renji in his late 20's and a 16 old Kazuki
Vol 2
Kazuki all grown up with his younger but taller lover ^_~
Vol 3
Colour image

Well... have to say that I don't carry anything TO graphic, site and all... But these are some truly lovely images to drool over and let your filthy little minds run riot as to what happened next *winks*

ahh young love!
I think Kazuki has a thing for licking nipples, hoo ya!
Humm seems he also has a thing for sticking his bit's in Renji bit's... O_O
and older Renji taking out his frustration after a visit from a hormonal 16 year old Kazuki!
and again, poor Renji must find it hard resisting to this kids onslaught!
Ok so we went off the nipples and now we are on to good old fashioned groping!

If this was in my bed, I dont think I would ever leave again!

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