Disclaimer for everything on this Fan Site

  To Bohra Naono & Publishers:

Please contact me at my e-mail, from an official e-mail account (not a free public e-mail) And in English only please... I will do everything I can to respond to the artist and publishers wish's.


  Original Ownership:
The original images belong to Bohra Naono & Co, Bamboo comics, Super BBC, Zero C, Be-Boy and who ever else owns the original copyright.
  My word for this site:
This is a Free hosted site, purely for the pleasure of myself, and anyone else who views it... Also to help spread the name of Bohra Naono, in hopes that it will be published into English! No harm is meant by this site to the artist... 
  Image Info:
I do not own any of these images, I only scanned them. so they are free for anyone to take. Images not scanned by me were taken with permission from the site owner.
If you take any images, then please be respectful of this site and of Bohra Naono personally ^_^
Also please please give me a link, it's only website etiquette! ^_~
  Final Words:
Please enjoy this wonderful artist's work!

Bohra Naono - BaneHuntress.co.uk