Happiness of Cowardly Boy
  Ah, more lushus ness from Bohra Naono again! and for a change, not one story with an amputee *gasp* but still character you just wana hug to death then tie up and do naughty things too all night and day, and maybe invite their partners over to join the fun... ok, so maybe that's just my sick fantasies, go enjoy the glory that is Naono's work ^_^

  M/M sex, Yaoi galore, smooching, kissing with lots of sticky sex between two consenting guys who like it hot... dont like that? they please leave for those of us fan's that do ^_^, after all it wouldn't be printed is someone didnt wana read it :P
    More colour one's below I found on BNLYZ.com, a Naomi Watari & Bohra Naono site!



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